Most of professionals do not know how to apply for a job even experienced one also here are few tips points you all should remember and apply when you apply for any job.

  1. If you don't meet the criteria DON'T APPLY for that JOB.
  2. If you apply must mention name of the POST Position applied for in SUBJECT of your email e.g NSS Core Network Engineer Huawei & Ericsson Experienced 3 Years experience. This will help the recruiter to sort out your resume easily rather to download and read your resume and then sort you.
  3. While applying for any job must write executive summary of your carrier e.g I have 2.5 years of experience on NSN 1234 BTS 1 Year experience on HUAWEI 456 BTS with your main projects e.g worked for vodafone worked for telenor at least 3-4 lines of your professional experience.
  4. Resumes should be MS-WORD format rather to send PDF file or password protected file because in WORD file each and every department or manager can write comments codes to your file in PDF its impossible.
  5. Apply Once for each position rather to send your resume from all of your email accounts for the same position DOUBLING BAD IMPRESSION.
  6. Don't use logos of multinationals in your resumes. only iff you have the right to do so.
  7. Email address should be professional like rather to have
  8. Resume should be up to date please check twice your resume before applying.
  9. Contact numbers should be working and active all time.
  10. Resume name should start with your name e.g ali_NSS.doc khan_BSS.doc asad_RNP.doc rather to have MY-Resume1 CV-1 New-2010 updated_2010. Please AVOID this other wise 99% chances that your resume could go to TRASH.
  11. TRY to save your time and time of the person who is hiring you he/she doesn't have the time to reply you and tell you your mistakes he/she doesn't have the time to rename your resume he/she doesn't have the time to sort your expertise and resume.
  12. Be Honest in interview and tell truth about your PAY and incentives 99.99% you could be caught either for a local job or International MEMBERS OF THIS GROUP TRIED THIS AND FAILED ;-).
  13. NEVER try to reach Hiring Manager or person directly DON'T Call email him unless he/she allows you to do so.

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