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Receive An Update Of Any Suspicious Act on Gmail- How To


Receive An Update Of Any Suspicious Act on Gmail- How To

Posted: 11 May 2010 03:06 PM PDT

Hackers are all spread on the internet so nothing is safe here. They use clever ideas and ways to hack your information which you may never know. So prevention is advised by the programmers in this case. The act of hacking is performed every where, so Gmail is installed with a feature that informs you about the suspicious acts done on your account. If any one logs into your account from any other location so on the basis of location Gmail will inform you about that act.

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Enabling this feature will be helpful for you which is very easy. Just login to your Gmail account and there you will see a option of 'Details' at the bottom. Just click on that button and it will pop up the window which will show about your login information and location where the account was logged from.

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Below the page you will see ' Alert Preference ' option, in that option select ' Show an alert fro unusual activity' which will update you about all the suspicious activities on your account. If suppose you receive any update of unusual activity on your account so the best way to prevent these attacks is the change of password. This feature is very much helpful and should be enabled as soon as possible to get protected from these clever attacks.

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Samsung Acclaim R880 coming up with Android 2.1 via U.S Cellular

Posted: 11 May 2010 11:33 AM PDT

U.S Cellular has recently confirmed the HTC Desire and this time another Android phone has announced by U.S Cellular i.e. Samsung Acclaim R880. Reportedly US carrier claims that Samsung Acclaim will run Android 2.1 OS and it boasts a touchscreen display of 3.2 inch with 320 x 480 pixels support. In detailed specifications it features a Bluetooth 2.1 interface, Wi-Fi and it offers an autofocus camera of 3MP with flash support. Oh yeah obviously it offers microSD card slot and offers a range of Google Mobile Services like (Search, Maps, Gmail, Calendar, Android Market and YouTube). If we just looking at the features so it looks like Samsung Galaxy Spica as you are looking in the picture below.

051110 1833 SamsungAccl12 Samsung Acclaim R880 coming up with Android 2.1 via U.S Cellular

It seems to be a CDMA version of Spica but wait guys it cannot be a CDMA handset because Acclaim offers a QWERTY keyboard. The only bad thing is that we still not get any picture or image of Samsung Acclaim as well as its price details is unknown too. Anyways according to recent facts U.S Cellular might going to launch Samsung Acclaim R880 in July 2010 just like the HTC Desire because it is also expecting to be launch at the same time too.

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Video preview of Blackberry 9670 and Blackberry bold 9800

Posted: 11 May 2010 10:18 AM PDT

Two different much waited handsets from RIM i.e. Blackberry Bold 9800 and Blackberry 9670 recently caught in a video. We already know that the Blackberry 9670 is a clamshell and on other hand Blackberry bold 9800 is a sliding phone and not only this but it is the first sliding handset from RIM. Both the mobile phones boast a QWERTY keyboard, and Blackberry Bold seems to be the touchscreen phone while the other one is not. By comparing both the handsets Blackberry 9670 offers an autofocus 5MP camera with flash and with Wi-Fi support but Blackberry bold expected to have the Wi-Fi support and in camera option it is not supporting flash feature.

051110 1718 Videoprevie1 Video preview of Blackberry 9670 and Blackberry bold 9800  051110 1718 Videoprevie2 Video preview of Blackberry 9670 and Blackberry bold 9800

Both Blackberry handsets running Blackberry OS 6 but these handsets are not yet released in marketplace and both handsets are expecting to be release in this summer. As previously discussed Verizon and Vodafone might launch the Blackberry 9670 whereas Blackberry Bold 9800 might goes to GSM carrier in the US market i.e. under (T-mobiles and AT&T).

Anyways both the handsets are expecting to be release in this summer till then just have fun with the Video on the Jump:-

via unwiredview

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USB Wrist Band Battery

USB Wrist Band Battery

Posted: 07 May 2010 07:35 AM PDT

If you are looking to add some extra juice to your gadgets, then check out the USB Wrist Band Battery. The USB Wrist Band Battery is compatible with a range of devices like your mobile phone or handheld games console.

It features a built in rechargeable 1500mAh battery and will work with a number of connections including microUSB, Mini USB, Sony PSP, Nintendo DS, and a range of mobile phones from manufacturers like Sony, Samsung and Nokia.



It comes with twelve different connectors, and the internal battery can be recharged by USB, if you want on they are available for $35.00 from Brando.



Junaid Tahir

Google Add Text Translation To Google Goggles

Google Add Text Translation To Google Goggles

Posted: 06 May 2010 11:50 PM PDT

Google [GOOG] has updated their Google Goggles application for Android, and the update adds a new feature, text translation.

The text translation works by you taking a photo of the text you want translated with your Android smartphone's camera, the application will then translate the text you have photographed into English.



This could come in handy when you are on holiday, and want to translate menus, and various other documents, and you will be able to translate the text quickly on your Android smartphone.

At the moment the Google Goggles application with the text translation is exclusive to Android, there are no details on whether Google plans to roll this application out to other platforms.

The service currently supports a number of languages including English, French Italian, German and Spanish and Google intends to expand this further.

Gizmodo via Gadget Venue


Junaid Tahir