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Assalam alaikom brothers & sisters
Hope and fear these two are the components of love for Allah. After realizing the level of our faith, we should not loose our hope and always try to increase it.
As we are already aware the "Sign of Weak Imaan" which we discussed last week, now it's time for us to know the "Ways to Increase Imaan".


  1. Recite and ponder on the meanings of the Quran. Tranquility then descends and our hearts become soft. To get optimum benefit, remind yourself that Allah is speaking to you. People are described in different categories in the Quran; think of which one you find yourself in.
  2. Realize the greatness of Allah. Everything is under His control. There are signs in everything we see that points us to His greatness. Everything happens according to His permission. Allah keeps track and looks after everything, even a black ant on a black rock on a black moonless night.
  3. Make an effort to gain knowledge, for at least the basic things in daily life e.g. how to make wudu properly. Know the meanings behind Allah's names and attributes. People who have taqwa are those who have knowledge.
  4. Attend gatherings where Allah is remembered. In such gatherings we are surrounded by angels.
  5. We have to increase our good deeds. One good deed leads to another good deed. Allah will make the way easy for someone who gives charity and also make it easy for him or her to do good deeds. Good deeds must be done continuously, not in spurts.
  6. We must fear the miserable end to our lives; the remembrance of death.
  7. Remember the different levels of Akhirah, for instance when we are put in our graves, when we are judged, whether we will be in paradise or hell.
  8. Make dua, realize that we need Allah. Be humble. Don't covet material things in this life.
  9. Our love for Subhana Wa Ta'Ala must be shown in actions. We must hope Allah will accept our prayers, and be in constant fear that we do wrong. At night before going to sleep, we must think about what good we did during that day.
  10. Realize the effects of sins and disobedience- one's imaan is increased with good deeds and our imaan is decreased by bad deeds. Everything that happens is because Allah wanted it. When calamity befalls us- it is also from Allah. It is a direct result of our disobedience to Allah.
Wa ssalam alaikom wa rahmato Allah wa barakato

Backup Gmail Inbox Into Your Hard Drive

Backup Gmail Inbox Into Your Hard Drive

Backup Gmail Inbox Into Your Hard Drive

Posted: 07 Dec 2010 08:50 AM PST

gmail backup e1291736137698 Backup Gmail Inbox Into Your Hard DriveAn email Inbox contains everything of a internet user from personal emails to professional emails and even more than that. So what it case if it is deleted permanently accidently, got hacked or just got lost without any reason? If you are a Gmail user then there is a great solution for you.

Like Downloading your entire Facebook history into your hard drive, you can also download and keep the backup of your entire Gmail Email Inbox to avoid the risk of your emails getting lost. The application allows you to create backup copies of the messages in your Gmail account and also restore it later in case if needed.

Gmail Backup is all that freeware to backup your Entire Gmail Inbox into your hard drive without any pain. You should activate IMAP on your Gmail account to make this application run.

gmail backup snapshot1 Backup Gmail Inbox Into Your Hard Drive

You can download Gmail backup for absolutely free. It is available for both Windows and Linux platforms. Linux users should install wxPython package to make this freeware run on Linux.

After installation just open the application and configure the options to start download. Enter your full email address in the Gmail Login field and password in the Gmail password field. Select directory for your backup and select the time period of which you want to download emails. Then click 'Backup' button and let the download began.

Backup Gmail not just only got feature to download your entire Gmail Inbox but also allows you to restore your downloaded Inbox later. It means you can also migrate your Gmail Inbox to different Gmail account easily.

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