Mobile Phones is such a beautiful thing created for us to keep track of anything and everything on earth from simple calling to latest news and great music. While almost every person today has a handset of their choice, some may be looking to upgrade or buy a new one. Which one should I go for, what are the best features and how worthy it is? Are some of the common questions we think before buying a mobile. In fact, with the number of cell phones available on the market and the range of tariffs, features and added on each, picking the right phone could certainly be something of a daunting task. So to help you with the decision, honeytechblog gets you some crucial point to note before making a buying decision. Here are 10 things to remember before buying any mobile phone:

1. Mobile Type –
There are basically three kinds of mobiles you would come across, Candy Bar, Flip and Slider. In Slider/Flip phones the keypad are unseen and in Candy Bar keypad are exposed so you need to keep it locked to avoid accidental calls. All kinds today can be found in the stylish format, some are easily fit on the tight jean of teens. Basic features such as making calls, send/receive message, voicemail enabled, calculator, download ringtones, calendar, address book, alarm clock, stop clock, and games are available on all phones.
2. Battery life –
I hate that red light on my cell phone indicating that battery is low. Yes, irritating to all, so getting a decent battery feature with good Stand-by time is very imperative. Any phone with battery life of 48 to 100 hours is common and requires recharge after it. However, if do not wish to end up with exhausted battery in middle of something important then consider going for high performing one. Note – the main reason affecting battery life is color screens, bad networks, music system and video coverage.
3. Camera phones –
Gone are those days when you had to carry a camera and phone separately, today we have great camera phones available for us to take pictures and videos of precious moments. One common mistake people do when buying a camera phone is to rely only upon mega pixels. Many a times 2 mega pixels work better than 3, because various mechanism and color processing chips involved matters. So don't buy a camera phone without reading proper review of it.
4. Connectivity -
Phones today are otherwise known as mini-laptops, as we have great connectivity features that let you surf the wireless Web. Options – GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) allows you to get connected with internet. Infra Red/Bluetooth allows you wirelessly get connected with external devices. Bluetooth can also be used as wireless headset, while Infra Red let data to be exchanged on PDAs/PCs wirelessly. Then we have EDGE (Enhanced Data rates for GSM Evolution) which is enhanced version of GPRS offering you better connectivity and speeder date transfer. 3G/HSPA is the most advanced/fast connectivity now a days although LTE roll out is being happening around the globe.
5. Memory –
If your mobile is going to be multimedia or business based then less memory could be of issue. We need it so as to store digital files until we take time to transfer it to our system. Mostly you may not get much of in-build memory with mobiles however, you may go with memory cards varying from 128 MB to 32GB based on your comfort. However, the great the memory the great you would enjoy clicking pics, grabbing videos and storing important data.

6. Display –
Display matters because you need to protect your eyes and for having better viewing angle. Look for mobile with TFT (Thin Film Transistor) or Active Matrix screen that offers a wider viewing angle than LCDs. UFB (Ultra fine & Bright) and OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) are the newest in the technology. Also check with resolution and number of colors available before concluding.

7. Sound Quality –
Clarity with Quality is the mantra for checking sound. Always go for high quality sound that can play any media files. Especially if you are music freak then check for some of the best music mobile phones that come with volume control and DSP options enabled. These days you get earphones with your handsets so make sure you check them before buying.
8. Multimedia Features –
Getting a phone with MP3 support, FM radio, and ring tones is an excellent idea if you are love music. On the other hand, 3G handsets also support streaming video and videoconferencing. Best is to go for higher resolution phones if multimedia features is your go.
9. Speakerphone –
While a speakerphone is a common feature these days, it can handle various tasks such as handling calls driving or to make a group call. A powerful speaker phone with full-duplex features letting both to talk at the same time can just be great. Finding a great speakerphone will not consume much of time.
10. Accessories –
What is important to you is what matters here. There can be thousands of accessories available and you may just need 5 out it, so careful planning is what required. Some of the accessories would include, headset, car kits, and hands free kit.
These are some important guide lines that need to be followed when buying a mobile phone. Do feel free to share if something more is to be considered

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