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Free and Easy email & sms reminders

Looks like quite interesting however  privacy might be the concern :)

a suggestion is not to use the bcc option instead send the blank email to them...


Email followups, scheduled as easily as Clear out your inbox by forwarding emails to FollowUpThen. Make sure your emails get responses. SMS Reminders. Easy reminders — an email away.
Free! No Account Required.

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When to use FollowUpThen

  • "This email is sitting in my inbox, but I don't need it for 2 weeks!" (Forward it to: 2weeks@followupthen, then archive the message).
  • "I have to have a response to this email!" (Forward it to: 3hours@followupthen, or bcc on the original message).
  • "I need to call someone while I'm in the car." (Email with the phone number in the subject-line).
  • Sales Person: "Hi Customer, I understand there's not a need now. I'll follow up in a few months." (Bcc:
  • Project Manager: "Please do important task xyz as soon as possible. I need to hear back asap!" (cc:
  • Sales Person (to self): "I should follow up in 3 days to make sure he got the proposal." (Bcc: on proposal email)

Is it really that simple?

Yes. It's easy, free, safe and secure. FollowUpThen is the most efficient reminder on the market. It is also safe and secure. It sends only one email reminder per request (ie, we will not spam you, or your recipient). It takes only seconds to use. Go ahead and try it!


How Often Should I Charge My Gadget’s Battery to Prolong Its Lifespan?

Dear Lifehacker,
What is the deal with lithium-ion batteries (the kind found in smartphones and laptops)? I've heard lots of different things about how to take care of them, like that they need to be kept charged between 40% and 80%, or that they should be drained completely and charged to 100%. What is the ideal approach to maintaining a good battery-life-to-battery-health ratio?
Befuddled About Batteries
Dear Befuddled,
There is a lot of confusion surrounding this issue, mostly because lithium-ion batteries are different from older, nickel-based batteries (which suffered from a nasty memory effect not present in lithium-ion batteries). You're right, though—charging them incorrectly can decrease their lifespan. Most lithium batteries should last you a few years, but improper care can decrease that lifespan, meaning that your battery will be unable to hold a charge—or unable to hold as big a charge as it used to—quicker. So, to clear things up, here's how to actually extend your battery's health as much as possible.
  • Perform shallow discharges. Instead of discharging to 0% all the time, lithium-ion batteries do best when you discharge them for a little bit, then charge them for a little bit. The table, from Battery University, shows that discharges to 50% are better for your battery's long-term life than, say, small discharges to 90% or large discharges to 0% (since the 50% discharges provide the best number of cycles-to-usage ratio).
  • Don't leave it fully charged. Similarly, lithium-ion batteries don't need to be charged all the way to 100%. In fact, they'd prefer not to be—so the 40%-80% rule you heard is a good guideline. When possible, keep it in that range to prolong its life as long as you can. And, if you do charge it to 100%, don't leave it plugged in. This is something most of us do, but it's another thing that will degrade your battery's health. If you need to charge it overnight, use something like the Belkin Conserve Socket to stop it from charging after it's full.
  • Fully discharge it once a month. This may seem contradictory, but hear us out. While lithium-ion batteries shouldn't be discharged regularly, most modern batteries are what's known as "smart batteries", which means that they can tell you how long you have until your battery dies (e.g. "2 hours, 15 minutes remaining"). This feature can get miscalibrated after a lot of shallow discharges. So, manufacturers recommend fully discharging your battery once a month to make sure this stays accurate.
  • Keep it cool. Most people overlook this one. Excess heat is not only bad for your processor (and your lap), but your battery as well. Once again, see the table from Battery University at the right—which you can click on for a closer view—a hot battery will degrade in health much quicker than a cool one. As such, we highly recommend using a laptop stand, like one of the many DIY options we've featured here at Lifehacker. When it comes to your phone, check out our previous Ask Lifehacker on keeping your phone temperature down.
Keep these things in mind and your battery will last longer. That said, remember that you don't need to be super strict about these things. Don't sacrifice practicality just to keep your battery alive—if you're in a situation where you don't have a charger, it's okay to discharge it to 0%, or charge it up to 100% if you want to do so for a long plane ride. Remember that your battery is going to die in a few years, no matter what you do—even if you just let it sit on a shelf. So don't go overboard: use your battery as you need it. But, if you're just sitting at home or in a coffee shop, these guidelines will help you keep it healthy for as long as possible (and when it's dead, check out what do to when your battery doesn't last as long as it used to).
If you want a more detailed look at how lithium batteries work and how to take care of them, check out the links below from Battery University.


*M Junaid Tahir

Top 10 Most Expensive Engagement Rings in the World

Getting engaged is a very special moment in a person's life and the most important thing that hit you when you think about engagement is the engagement ring. When you propose you give a gift full of love to your loved one which is small engagement ring. These engagement rings are made with some of the precious gemstones and other metals such as gold and silver which sometimes could result in expensive price tags. It's a list of ten most expensive engagement rings in the world.
10. House of Taylor's Blue Sapphire – $49,500
House of Taylor's Blue Sapphire
Prince Charles proposed to Lady Diana with a Spencer oval sapphire 18 carats engagement ring. The blue bauble didn't mean lasting love for those royals, but don't count blue sapphire out just yet. Check out this three stone sapphire and diamond ring from House of Taylor. The piece features 8.28 carats of Ceylon sapphires and more than 2 carats of diamonds in oval shapes for a price of $49,500.

9. House of Taylor's 5-carat Diamond and Rub – $63,600
House of Taylor's 5-carat Diamond and Rub
the 5 carats Diamond and Rub which is simply beautiful with combination of rubies and diamonds in oval shapes. This ring has elegant and sensitive look and a great choice to wear on engagement day. Grunge rocker Kurt Cobain gave fellow rocker Courtney Love a 5 carats diamond and ruby engagement ring. But they had bad luck and the engagement ring was stolen on Valentine's Day in 1995. The piece, which features 12.48 carat Burmese rubies, sells for $63,600.

8. House of Taylor's Three stones Emerald and Diamond Ring – $93,600
House of Taylor's Three stones Emerald and Diamond Ring
Stones green emerald and diamond ding. With an extremely attractive green color this is definitely make you indulge in it's beauty. This House of Taylor three stone emerald and diamond engagement ring features 6.84 carats of Columbian emeralds which is famous for mining one of the most previous emerald stones in the world and more than 2 carats of diamonds, all set in 18 carat of white gold. This piece sells for $93,600; it is a beautiful combination of 6.84 carats emeralds and 2 carats diamonds.

7. Ross Simons Yellow Diamond Ring – $100,000
Ross Simons Yellow Diamond Ring
Ross Simon's 6.10-carat fancy yellow diamond engagement ring, with a large yellow diamond in the middle and two smaller diamonds on left and right side giving a great attractive look. The ring features a rectangular diamond flanked by two trapezoidal 1.35-carat diamonds as well as 0.35-carat surrounding diamonds.

6. De Beers Yellow Diamond Ring – $400,000
De Beers Yellow Diamond Ring
A radiant cut yellow diamond engagement ring. This ring is quite famous amongst celebrities because actors Charlie Sheen, Eddie Murphy and baseball star Johnny Damon had chosen this expensive yellow diamond engagement ring for proposing their loved ones. This piece sells for $400,000 by De Beers which features a 5.11 carat radiant cut ring, set in platinum.

5. De Beers Asscher Cut Diamond – $520,000
De Beers Asscher Cut Diamond
Asscher cut diamond engagement ring by De Beers which has a attractive look but costs a little above half a million dollars. These Asscher cut diamond rings are famous amongst the Hollywood stars such as Oscar winner Reese Witherspoon received a 4 carats Asscher Cut engagement ring by his love actor Ryan Phillipe. This piece costs $520,000 and features a 10.19 carats Asscher cut engagement ring set in platinum from De Beers.

4. De Beers Secret Kiss of the Rose Ring – $525,000
De Beers Secret Kiss of the Rose Ring
Lovely secret kiss of rose ring by De Beers. This bud shaped ring is extremely attractive engagement ring but excellent option for people that are looking for a pink color but with an expensive price tag which is over half a million. Pink diamond rings are famous amongst celebrities such as football player David Beckham and actress Victoria Beckham presented their fiancée with a pink color ring on their engagement. This piece sells for $525,000 and features 4.15 carats rose cut white diamonds with a bud shape and a 0.8 carats attractive small pink diamond in the center and all set in platinum.

3. House of Taylor's Oval Diamond Ring – $1.3 million
House of Taylor's Oval Diamond Ring
The flower shaped oval diamond ring by House of Taylor. This beautiful ring has a 5.98 carats oval white diamond in flower shape and has 3.96 carats white diamonds around it which makes it look like a flower made with diamonds, however it is super expensive and cost above a million dollar. This piece sells for $1.3 million and features a 5.98 carats oval white diamond in the center with smaller 3.96 carats of white diamonds surround it, set in platinum.

2. Tiffany Oval Diamond Ring – $1.465 million (left) – $800,000 (right)
Tiffany Oval Diamond Ring
the oval diamond ring by Tiffany however with a mind blowing price tag nearly one and half million dollars. Apart from price these rings have an extremely elegant and attractive look and available in oval diamond as well as in square pillow shape which are set in platinum.

1. De Beers Round Brilliant Platinum – $1.83 million
De Beers Round Brilliant Platinum
Finally the topper in the most expensive engagement rings list is this round brilliant platinum ring by De Beers. Which has a D- grade which the most desirable grade on the diamond color scale, which adds a reason to be super expensive. This ring has an attractive 9 carats round diamond giving it a great look, all set in platinum. This piece sells for $1.83 million and features a 9 carats round diamond set in platinum.

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Why Children Misbehave And How To Deal With Them

Why Children Misbehave And How To Deal With Them

Why Children Misbehave And How To Deal With ThemBy: Michael Lee
Kids get into all sorts of trouble most of the time. I’m sure you remember your childhood well. However, there are reasons why children misbehave the way they do. There is a reason for every broken toy, every supermarket tantrum and every quiet moment. To find out why children misbehave and to learn how to deal with them, read on!

Reason # 1: They Want Attention. One of the top reasons why children misbehave is because they want their parents (or the adults in question) to notice them. As adults, it’s easy for us to dismiss children because we think that they’re just being mischievous as usual, or that they’re just children being children. But that’s not always the case. When a child misbehaves, try to find out why he or she did it in the first place and dissect the root of the problem. Scolding them without even asking or knowing the whole story hardly ever ends well for all parties involved.

Most Expensive Diamonds In The World

Diamond is the most precious stone in the whole world and it is most loved jewelry item that any women would like to wear and it is their best friend. Diamonds of various qualities with their unique beauty admires them and it also reflect persons wealth, so more expensive the diamond someone owns means that person is more wealthier and gives the owner a sense of pride and luxury as well as satisfaction and honor. The best quality diamonds comes from all over the world and one of the most interesting fact lies in history about some of the rare diamonds that were one of their kinds. Today I will show you the 10 best and most expensive diamonds in the world.

So the Countdown begins!
Contents at a Glance
Contents at a Glance
# 10 - The Allnatt Diamond
$3 Millions
Number ten in the list of most expensive diamonds is the Allnatt diamond which is a cushion cut diamond in vivid yellow color with the size of 101.29 carat and weighs 20.258 g. This diamond is famous by name of Allnatt who found this diamond, it is not sure how and from where he get it, some experts believe that he found it from De Beers Premier Diamond Mine.
Further work was done on the diamond and its intensity was enhanced. This diamond was resold at an auction in May 1996 by Christie's in Geneva for $3,043,496 with 102.07 carat and weighs 20.41 g, it was bought by Siba Corporation who further work on the diamond successfully made it look even better.
# 9 - The Moussaieff Red Diamond
$7 Millions
At number nine in the list is the Moussaieff Red. This diamond was discovered by a Brazillian farmer from a river in 1990, it featued 13.9 carat and weighs 2.78g. Then the diamond was purchased and further crafted by Goldberg Diamond Corp and changed the name to Red Shield. Now it is owned by Moussaieff Jewelers Ltd with a size of 5.11 carat and weighs 1.022 g by cutting a triangular brilliant given a color as Fancy Red making it one of the best red color diamond in the world.
Due to its beauty and being attractive, it was display in different exhibitions that includes The Heart of Eternity, The Splendor of Diamonds, and De Beers Millennium Star.
# 8 - The Heart of Eternity
$16 Millions
At number eight is the Heart of Eternity is a diamond with fancy vivid blue in heart shape which features 27.64 carats and weighs 5.528 g which is believed to be found from Premier Diamond Mine in South Africa. This diamond was crafted by the Steinmetz Group, who later sold this diamond to the De Beers Group. One of the interesting fact about these blue color diamonds is that they are considered as the most expensive diamonds as they stay in great demand costs extremely high which could cost above half a million per carat.
# 7 - Wittelsbach Diamond
$23.4 Millions
Seventh in the list is Wittelsbach Diamond which is also known as Der Blaue Wittelsbacher is 35.56 carats and weighs 7.11 g blue diamond with VS 2 clarity. Measured to be 24.40 mm in diameter and 8.29 mm in depth and 82 facet to give a great pattern. It has become part of both Austria and Bavaria, the Crown jewels. On December 10th, 2008 this diamond was sold at a Christies in London for 16.4 million pounds, or $23.4 million, and was bought by Laurence Graff who is a London based Jeweler.
# 6 - The Steinmetz Pink
$25 Millions
At number six in the most expensive diamonds in the world comes the Steinmetz Pink which is a fancy vivid pink color diamond weighing 59.60 carat and 11.92 g, which is considered as the finest and world's largest diamond in vivid pink color and was was introduced in Monaco on May 29, 2003. This diamond is believed to be discovered from South Africa and considered as one of the rare diamonds because of its clarity and being internally flawless.
# 5 - De Beers Centenary Diamond
$100 Millions
At number five is the De Beers Centenary Diamond that has 273. 85 carat and weighs 54. 77 g which is the third largest diamond has been discovered from the Premier Mine and was introduced in May 1991 and later given a 247 facets to give it the amazing look. This diamond has level D color which is considered as the highest grade colorless diamond being internally and externally flawless. This highest grade of being colorless is rarely found makes the diamond to display the light colors of it's surrounding environment.
# 4 - The Hope Diamond
$350 Millions
Number four in the list is Hope Diamond which is a large blue diamond, measured to be 45.52 carat and weighs 9.10 g. It is on display at Smithsonian Museum of Natural History in Washington. Hope Diamond is considered as the most famous gemstone because it is the largest blue diamond in the world. This diamond is classified as Type IIb diamonds, which has DC-blue to the naked eye, and is famous for being a curse for it owners in history. Smithsonian Museum gained popularity of displaying great gemstones and the main reason for it to be successful is having the Hope diamond as part of its collection.
# 3 - The Cullinan Diamond
$400 Millions
At number three is the Cullinan diamond which was discovered in 1905 from Premier Mine of South Africa and is the largest rough gem quality diamond ever found, which is measured to be 3,106.75 carats and 621.35 g. This large diamond was then cut into 9 smaller diamond pieces from which the largest polished diamond was named Cullinan I or First Star of Africa, and the 530.2 carats and 106.0 g, which I is now mounted on the head with a stick Cross. Second largest part is Cullinan II or the Little Star of Africa, at 317.4 carats or 63.5 g which is fourth largest diamond in the world.
# 2 - The Sancy Diamond
At number two is the Sancy, a pear shaped pale yellow diamond of 55.23 carat and weighs 11.05 g, this gemstone believed to be discovered from Golconda in India around 1400s and was belonged to various Indian rulers including the famous ancient Great Mogul. Sancy is one of first large diamonds that were cut into symmetrical facets. This diamond has a great value because of its diverse history of more than six hundred years and because of being one of the most famous diamonds in the world.
# 1 - Kohinoor
Top of the list of most expensive diamonds in the world is the incredible Kohinoor diamond which means "Mountain of Light" from the Persian, also spelled Koh-e Noor or Koh-i-Nur is 105 carats or 21.6 g diamond that was once the largest known diamond in the world and is considered as the most precious stone. It was also said that he who owns this diamond will own the world. It is believed to be discovered from Golconda, India during 1300s and then it was owned by various kings and rulers for hundreds of years, who went on wars to get this diamond in their possession. Then the British took over the east India and it then became part of the British Crown Jewels and still owned by British Royal family.