So never a week passes without having to deal with something bad and you feel like you're a bad luck magnet. Well life has always been that unpredictable and part of it has to deal with sudden misfortunes and problems. Now your job is to get through it and move on, detach yourself from what's not helpful and focus on what give you a better day. Here are 8 ways to cope:

1. Free yourself of frustrations. Learn to let go of some of the negative energies inside because if you don't you'll probably find yourself exploding at one point. So go ahead and vent them out, get a journal, talk to a friend and release the negativity. Ventilating your frustrations will give enough room for positivity to come in; furthermore, it will give you a feeling of relief that can somehow change your mood and outlook.

2. Learn to be objective. Look into the situation carefully and detach yourself emotionally asthis can only cloud your judgment. When you learn to look at things at a more objective view, your judgments and decisions become a little more sound and wise. Emotions tend to cloud our judgement and that's no way to resolve a conflict.

3. Look around you – there are people who actually care. No matter how difficult the situation is, you need to realize that some people are actually there for you and that there's no need to detach yourself from them. Their guidance and advice can actually help you get through a bad time.

4. Change your mind set. You may think that all this emotional detachment will help you overcome a difficult time; think again and assess carefully. If you are not that hurt or traumatize, there might be no need to detach yourself, a little thinking and space will help you get back on your feet. Furthermore, keep in mind that you do have a choice – either to let these bad things overwhelm you or to let these stuffs make you a better person.

5. Shift your focus. Instead of wallowing in emotional hurt and detaching yourself from people who care about you, try focusing on what you can do. You have always been faced with difficult situations but you've always managed to get out of it alive. What's keeping you from doing so this time then? Being frustrated will never help resolve the problem. You need to focus on your strengths rather than your weakness.

6. Do not be afraid to ask help. You might feel that emotional detachment from other people have left you with no one; you're wrong. Do not be afraid to reach out and ask for help. Call you closest friend or your sister, talk to someone. Asking for help is never a sign of weakness; it shows that you are brave enough to acknowledge that you cannot handle things on your own.

7. Constantly challenge yourself to overcome bad situations. Think of the countless times you've been faced with trials and problems which you thought you would never surpass but did. Use these moments and experiences as a source to fuel your spirit to continue fighting and winning!

8. Extract the lessons learned. Detaching yourself from people and hurtful things might be difficult but they sure did have valuable lessons for you. Take these lessons and ponder on them; they might come in handy one of these days. Most of the times, we learn to appreciate the lessons after we have conquered and battled through the fight; much like enjoying and appreciating the rainbow after the storm

M Junaid Tahir
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