Stress is a normal part of life. Everyday we are face with countless task that they sometimes become over-whelming and cause us to stress out. Here are 15 ways you can overcome daily stress and maintain a happy life.

1. Eliminate unnecessary commitments
2. Stop over analyzing and start doing.
3. Do one thing at a time.
4. Learn to say no and really mean it.
5. Don't compare yourself to others. Life is not a contest.
6. Find reason to laugh. Even laughing at yourself helps.
7. Let go of trying to control everything.
8. Walk away from anything or anyone that makes you miserable.
9. Practice gratitude. That you are alive is still a gift
10 Control over expectation to avoid disappointment.
11.Stop being a perfectionist and move on.
12. Don't stress out trying to get everyone to agree with you.
13. Stop longing for the past and start living in the present.
14. Don't trade sleep for work and don't trade family time for work. Be balanced.
15. Help others whenever it is within your power to do so.

Peace of mind is something everyone should strive to attain, to someone people is comes easily, for other, it takes more learning and practice. Here is a guide that will help you get ride of unnecessary stress, live happily and enjoy peace of mind. check it out here.

M Junaid Tahir
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