By Junaid Tahir

The mosque is 5 minutes walk from the home and the passage is shade-less which means if a person has to walk to reach for Zohr prayer, he has to walk in sun all the way. Considering 45 degrees temperature plus the hot air flow its little hard task to reach the mosque. The alternate is to reach there is by driving the car. Yet Mr Nasir thought to go to mosque by walk with the following two advantages:

When you walk in the heat, you feel a little portion of the pain which gardeners, guards and cleaners have to go through daily while performing their duties. This kills your ego and make you feel like a down to earth person. And if you keep experiencing this pain, you tend to spend money for their benefits in terms of food, clothing etc.
The dull and luxurious life style now a days has given birth to so many fatal diseases including heart choking, high sugar, high blood pressure, high uric acid etc. Little physical work like this constitutes towards a healthy body and refrain it from developing chronic diseases. Further, sweating has several advantages like cleaner skin, lowering body temperature and guarding against sickness. Read this health article here.

So Mr Nasir selected the wise WIN – WIN option which is good for himself as well as for the society; directly or indirectly.

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