What are the specific results you wish to achieve?
If you only have a vague idea of what you'd like, 
you're simply not going to get it. 
For it's impossible to reach a destination that doesn't even exist.
To get what you want, you absolutely must define exactly what that is. 
Give yourself a clear, meaningful target and you'll then be able to
successfully hit that target.
Put every one of your senses into richly experiencing, 
in your mind and in your emotions, the fulfillment of your goal. 
See in detail the colors, the sounds, the textures, tastes 
and aromas of what you seek to achieve, and feel the emotions 
you'll feel when you've arrived there.  
Make the goal real in your mind. 
Integrate it into the way your body feels, 
with all the clear and wonderful details. 

Give rich detail to your goal, and keep that 
goal close to you at all times. 
Then you'll surely and steadfastly take the actions 
that will indeed make it real in your life.

~Ralph Marston~
M Junaid Tahir
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