There are lots and lots of superficial, meaningless distractions. There is only one beautiful, authentic you.

It's easy to give in to the distractions, to listen to gossip, to be transfixed by celebrity minutiae, or to scroll through endless online postings. But the only thing you accomplish is to waste your precious time.

Though the distractions often come in bright and shiny packages, they are empty packages that add no value to your life. Make the choice to honor the value of your time, and make the choice to let some of those distractions go.

Fill the priceless moments of each day with valuable, meaningful experience. You are a thinking, feeling, creative person, so use your time to explore your own thoughts, to authentically feel life's wonder and to create great value.

Instead of throwing your time away, transform it into new richness. Instead of passing the day in distracted idleness, fill the day with real, satisfying experience.

Don't give your life away to the shiny but meaningless distractions. Let go of those distractions, and feel the joy of living each day with positive purpose and substance.

Ralph Marston - The Daily Motivator

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