Don't waste your energy on being annoyed and resentful. Put your energy into doing something positive about your situation. 

To the degree that you're filled with annoyance or frustration or anger, you're ineffective. And that just leads to more annoyance, frustration and anger. 

However, you can choose to break the cycle. You can choose to be positively purposeful. 

If someone acts in a rude and disrespectful way, let it be that person's problem and not yours. Let it go, and move on ahead with what you've chosen to do.

Though there are plenty of things to be angry about, there are almost no good things your anger can accomplish. Rather than reacting with anger, redirect your energy into intentional, positive purpose.

Don't let rude, annoying people choose your attitude. Choose your own positively purposeful attitude, and reward yourself with a rich and fulfilling life.


M Junaid Tahir 

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