You would have seen this in various online forms, where you must fill a cell before moving to the other. This construct ensures that you do not miss out on filling some of the data. Something as shown below
Fill Previous Cell First
A colleague wanted a similar construct in Excel, and the only thing that came to my mind was Data Validation.

Here is how you can create this in Excel

  1. Select cell A2
  2. Go To Data –> Data Tools –> Data Validation
  3. In the Settings tab go to the Allow drop down and select Custom
  4. In the Formula field, type =NOT(ISBLANK($A$1))
  5. Ensure that the Ignore blank is Unchecked
  6. Click Ok
Fill Previous Cell First_Dialogue Box
Now when you enter something in cell A2, and if A1 is empty, an error will be displayed.
source: TrumpExcel

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