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Story: The Girl and the Plants

A little girl was enjoying the beauty of the garden in her home. Her father had a good collection of rare and exotic plants. He grew them with tender care.

Gardener Soil
The girl was fascinated by a plant full of fine and fragrant flowers. She went near the plant and enjoyed its beauty and the fragrance of its fine flowers. Suddenly she noted that the plant was growing in a heap of filth. She could not tolerate the presence of dirt at the bottom of the plant with such fantastic flowers.

She conceived a plan to clean the plant. She pulled the plant with all her might and uprooted it. She then carried it to the tap and washed the shoot and roots in running tap-water till all traces of dirt were washed away. She then placed the plant on a clean stone and went away, thinking that she had done a great deed indeed.

Later her father came to the garden and saw the uprooted plant. Its flowers and leaves had wilted and the plant had almost died in the scorching sun. His little daughter ran to him to exhibit her achievement. "I have cleaned it, Daddy", she reported innocently. "It was placed in dirty soil. Now it is clean."

The father showed her how her treatment had almost killed the plant. He told her that he had collected the filthy soil and placed it to cover the plant's roots as it was the best medium to grow that plant. It could grow up healthily and produce fine flowers only if grown in filthy soil. She was sad that the plant had suffered and withered by her cleaning.


Pain, poverty and illness may cause agony in our life. Sight of successful persons may make us depressed and envious. A great gardener mixes the right soil for each plant. In the same way God provides each of us with the best environment required for optimum spiritual growth. But it may appear to be unpleasant to us and we may even complain to God about our plight.
- – - written by Angel


Junaid Tahir

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Two minute Tips for Resume

Effective content strategies from Designing a Resume with Steve Harris

Employers review hundreds, even thousands, of resumes. It's your job to make it easy for them to see your outstanding skills and expertise.

Here are a few tips on what to include—and leave out:

Keep it simple. Determine ahead of time what you're going to include, and don't try to stuff every piece of information you can into the document. If you give employers too much information ahead of time, they have no reason to bring you in for an interview to learn more.

Make sure your contact information is easy to find—and don't include every type of contact information you have, such as address, all phone numbers, and social media handles.

Don't include personal information like your social security number. You can provide that once you're employed with the company.

Never lie on your resume; all information should be truthful.

Don't use high-resolution graphics. When the resume is opened as a low-resolution PDF, it will look bad. If you want to show high-res graphics as part of a portfolio, provide a link or separate document.

Be mindful of the PDF size. A 10-megabyte PDF might not make it through to the recipient's email inbox, as there are often limits on file size.

Show some personality! Be yourself. A potential employer wants to know who the real you is, and if you'll fit in the company.

For more tips on making your resume stand out, watch Steve Harris's full course, Designing a Resume.


Junaid Tahir

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How You Talk to Yourself Matters

Here's one thing I've noticed in my work as a psychotherapist. You are really mean. 

OK, it's not just you. Most people are really mean to themselves. If you take the time to examine how you speak to yourself, you might notice this. 

In your head, do you talk to yourself like you do your closest friends? Or your dog? 

Probably not. I'm guessing that you generally give your friends the benefit of the doubt. Most likely you are kind, tactful, and supportive. When they are feeling down you try to build them up, and you try to help them see themselves more compassionately. 

Everything we try to do in life is harder when we are mean to ourselves. It's like being stuck in 3rd gear on a flat road. Life gets easier when we have more support, and that includes support from ourselves. 

Noticing this automatic habit of self-talk is step one in personal growth. Once you get to know this voice—I call it the Inner Critic—then you have a chance to change its words and tone. 

I recommend that you to talk to yourself the way you currently speak to your five-year-old nieces or nephews. I bet you talk to them with a gentle, reassuring tone. You are probably firm, clear, but non-sarcastic with them when they get out of line. 

Some of you might be getting a little nauseous by now. You're thinking "This psychotherapist wants me to speak to myself like a five-year old? Gross!" Or perhaps even worse: maybe you are getting visions of horrid "baby talk" (which Lesley Ann Warren perfected in the movie Victor Victoria in the role of James Gardner's girlfriend.) 

So, take a breath and now let's explore what is so "wrong" about mind-talk that has child-like tones. 

Why do you use sweet, loving tones with young children or pets? Perhaps it is because your unconditional love for them just flows out of you and your tone instinctively expresses that. You respond to their innocence and vulnerability and you want to protect them. You find them cute and it softens your sometimes jaded heart. 

If you don't have kids you can watch parents at the local playground using this soft tone with their children. Consciously or unconsciously they know that this kind of reassuring warmth and gentleness builds their child's confidence and self-esteem. One reason the PBS show Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood was so popular was due to Fred Rogers' calming tones. 

Can you imagine how healing it would be to hold yourself with that kind of readily available love? How much easier it would be to get through a stressful day? I wonder if you are hungry for it without even knowing it. 

Developing a sweet tone in self-talk makes good logical sense because your Inner Critic is young. You did not develop it as the proud adult you are today. You picked up these defeating inner voices when you were young and much more vulnerable. In some ways the Critic is a five-year-old, and so that's how it should be spoken to. 

Men in particular may scoff at the idea that they should talk to themselves with a gentle tone. It's not what we were taught to believe is a desired manly trait. It may be good to remind yourself that no one has to know that you secretly are trying to be kind to yourself. 

Is it better to talk to yourself like someone you love or like the kids from school who called you names? Which do you think would help you better achieve your goals in life?

Resume Tip - Relevant Job Titles

Employers make snap judgments when glancing at your resume. If they see unrelated job titles or skills the likelihood is very high that they will make an immediate assumption that you are not qualified for the job you want. Adding to this problem is the fact that employers don't have the time to read through each of your job descriptions to determine if you have the skills they need. You Must Do That For Them! The design of your resume must highlight the most important information about your work experience, skills and education. At first glance this information forms the image that employers have of your skills and abilities.

source: WisdomeTips

Junaid Tahir

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10 Unwanted Helpers of Humanity

"God did not create anything useless in this world". We sees many things in our daily life that we think are useless but in actual they are not. Here in this article I am going to discuss the top 10 unwanted helpers of human. The ten of most loath full essential for human beings. Normally we consider that creatures, mentioned below, are useless and harmful. But in fact all these things very very essential for human beings.


Here is list of 10 unwanted helpers.

1. House Fly.

House flies are one of the most common insects that carry numerous diseases and germs. They are often a nuisance in residential homes as well as commercial areas. They are very good dirt cleaner. They carries away dirt. They are our unwanted helper. They forces us to remove the dirt.

2. Vultures.

Vulture is a large bird, usually without feathers on it's head or neck. They eat flesh or animals that are already dead. They are also our unwanted helpers, because they do not let the dead bodies to be stingy.

3. Crocodile.

Crocodiles are considered to be the deadliest animal in the world. In spite of their deadly nature crocodiles clean the atmosphere. They eats up the dead bodies and excrete.

4. Beetles.

Beetles is normally considered a useless insect but you will wonder to know that 80% of flowers cannot germinate into fruit without this unwanted helper.

5. Lice.

Lices are small insects that live on the scalp and lay eggs on the hair. Lice causes an itchy scalp. They are found in the hair on the head and some other parts of the body. They are often spread among school children by close contact, clothing, or hairbrushes. They compel us to remain clean.

6. Crow.

The crow is one of the cleverest bird. Crow is often quite fearless, although it can be wary of us. It is also one of an unwanted helper. It carries away dirt and converts it into fertilizer.

7. Lion.

The second-largest living cat after the tiger. It helps ill and injured animals to end their agony.

8. Mosquito.

You will surely surprise to know that a mosquito is in the list of deadliest animals around the world. Normally a mosquito is very energetic in spreading disease but as an unwanted helper it force us to keep our environment dry and clean.

9. Snake.

Another one of the deadliest animal. It is not only dangerous for human but also help them to prevent them by plague. Because it eat the most dangerous species of rats which cause Plague.

10. Bugs.

Bugs are at No. 10 in our list of unwanted helpers. They forced us to keep our sleeping places (Beds) clean.


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