Developing, Training, Motivating and leading people to achieve there Professional and Personal Goals.§
Developing Corporate Vision, Mission, Value charter and direction for the Company.§
Developing Revenue-generating projects by maximizing existing resources with nil/minimal cost.§
Developing strategies with particular focus on revenue assurance and maximization.§
Establishing International partnerships and leading company’s expansion with astute vendor contracts.§
Making decisions quickly and decisively while maintaining high standards.§
Able to Successfully influence peers and subordinates§
Listening to other people's ideas and developing them further§
Conceptualizing and executing new revenue streams.§

Demonstrating a positive and fresh outlook, maintaining a ‘can do’ attitude in the face of challenges.§
Leading initiatives, creativity and determination to bring about positive change within an organization or for a client.§
Negotiating in a variety of challenging situations to ensure both parties’ interests are satisfied.§
Presenting ideas assertively and persuasively§
Highly Personal drive and motivation, resilience, a passion for continuous§
Strong Team Player.§

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