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Are You A Responsible Citizen?

  While we are busy in enjoying our lives with our families and friends, it's almost mandatory...


While we are busy in enjoying our lives with our families and friends, it's almost mandatory to consider our role for the improvement of our environment, our surroundings and less fortunate community members.  In my personal opinion, it's not something which should be requested by the government, instead it's a prime duty of every responsible citizen. In fact, this is the 'virtual' tax which every citizen should pay back to the society for the services which he/she enjoys in routine life. This article is sort of a self-audit guide which covers some of the critical aspects of social responsibilities on the basis of which you can analyze yourself on whether you are a responsible community member:
1.   Do I observe people around me who need financial needs? Do I assist them in their crisis?
2.  Do I visit any orphan, old age houses or any hospitals once in a month to help the needful people?
3.  Do I take care of environment by using recyclable things?
4.  Do I encourage others (including my children) to throw garbage only in the dedicated bins?
5.  Whatever skills I have (doctor, engineer, lawyer etc), Do I do any free of cost service to the needful society members every month? Article written by Junaid.Tahir
6.  Do I contribute in charity projects on monthly basis?
7.  Have I ever donated blood?
8.  Do I stop the evil and contribute to the good? (Stopping sometimes does not mean stopping by hand, it means involving the relevant Law and Order authorities to address the issue)

If answer to any or some of these questions is NO, then it's time to start performing your civic responsibilities starting today. The first thing you can do right now is to share this article to others and generate a ripple effect.
Remember, if everyone of us start playing his/her role, we can bring peace, happiness and prosperity on earth !