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Story: The Daughter In Law

My friend, Naveen and his wife, living in Noida had his only son, Jai and ...

My friend, Naveen and his wife, living in Noida had his only son, Jai and his daughter-in-law Shailly, living with them. As ill luck would have it, Jai met with a fatal accident. He and his wife were totally broken. Shailly was the only source of consonance at this growing age with no one else to support.
Shailly did her best to serve the aged parents-in-laws with excellent care. Naveen and his wife returned to their normal life with Shaily's service and devotion.
Three years passed by. Shailly was young and had a long span of life in front of her. Her in-laws started insisting that she should get re-married, to which she strongly refused. But the pressure of second marriage continued from her father-in-law and his wife. After three years of hard persuasion, Shailly melted and agreed. They looked for a suitable match and arranged a simple marriage.
Just as the Doli was ready to depart, Naveen noticed his bank pass book in Shailly's hands. He was a bit confused and surprised. “How come, my daughter-in-law could have an access to my bank pass book without my knowledge?” With a little anger and shock in his eyes, he put the question to Shailly. She replied, “Papa, I wanted to serve you both as a daughter for the rest of my life, but you both insisted on my re-marriage, to which I had to agree. I had received Rs 10 lakh due to the accident insurance policy of Jai. This money is needed by you both more than me. I took out your pass book and transferred the insurance amount to your A/C. As far as, I am concerned, you have already chosen a rosy path for me, for the rest of my life”.
Tears rolled down the eyes of my friend Naveen and his wife. Highly moved with this gesture of Shailly , they happily bid fare well to the departing bride and returned to normalcy after the emotional storm was over.
Who says daughter-in-laws are not good daughters? Certainly daughter-in-laws are better daughters.
I am reminded of a verse by Manzar Bhopali:
Kabhi Betiyon Ke Liye Bhi Haath Uthao Manzar / Allah Se Sirf Beta Nahin Manga Karte.