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Enhancing Self Confidence in Kids

Previous weekend I took my four years son to the grocery store. While taking the escalators in the market his ...

Previous weekend I took my four years son to the grocery store. While taking the escalators in the market his foot slipped due to which he was about to fell but he quickly gripped the reel and got stable. As I was just behind him so I held him from his shoulder at the same time helping him getting firm on escalators. He said, "Baba, I was about to fall" I said, "No my son, you will not fall" "Baba, because you are with me?" "No my son, because you are a big boy. You can take care of yourself" when he heard this, I noticed quick brightness in his eyes as if he was feeling more confident and a grown up kid, though he is just 4 years old.

Later I pondered that I could have agreed to him that he won't fall down because I was with him which would have increased his trust in me. But then I thought that though this approach would have increased his trust in me however his self confidence wouldn't have increased, instead it would be decreased because of his mental dependency on someone else. So the message I want to convey to the parents is that we must endeavor to boost the self confidence in our kids by consistently encouraging for the things which they have done right. This encouragement technique has to be changed with the passage of time. For example, you can say 'Give me Five' to your 3-4 year toddler however you can't say this to your teen ager. Article written by Junaid.Tahir

While you work on improving self-confidence in your kids, the efforts to increase the parent-Kid trust should never be ignored at all. While in this story, the emphasis was given to enhance the kids' self-confidence, at some other moments in life, parents may use sentences like "don't worry,  I am with you" or "Let's do this job together" or "I will support you" in order to increase their bonding with their kids since self confidence and trust both are equally important ingredient of your kids brought up in order to make them a confident and successful personality with strong character in future. You may want to read my article on criticism here since this is also linked with confidence.