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Story of Lamborghini and Ferrari

By Junaid Tahir Mr. Lamborghini was born in 1916 to a working class farmer family. He grew ...

By Junaid Tahir

Mr. Lamborghini was born in 1916 to a working class farmer family. He grew up as a highly skilled mechanic and started his own tractor manufacturing  business. His business was very successful with the production rate of 400 tractors per month in 1960.

Being a wealthy man he bought a Ferrari 250GT and joined the league of those limited number of people who owned Ferrari at that time. He continually had mechanical problems with his Ferrari and soon he became embarrassed. After so many visits to Ferrari workshop he decided to meet Mr. Enzo Ferrari to complain in person. He went to Ferrari office and had to wait for hours to meet Enzo Ferrari. He told Mr. Enzo that their car is poor
 Mr Ferrari said to Elio Lamborghini that he can end up with driving a tractor but won't be able to handle a Ferrari properly.

That was the  moment Mr. Lamborghini decided that he would design his own sports V12 engine car and that's what he exactly did in coming days. Today we know Lamborghini company having €469 million Revenue in 2012. The company has produced several great cars including but not limited to Gallardo®, Aventador®, Sesto ELemento®  and Reventon®.

This is an inspiring story of the life of a person who established himself from a middle class farmer's family member to a billion dollar business executive. So what did he do differently to make himself a great success?
1-      He challenged the status quo situation and thought of doing something unique.  
2-      He took the initiative to design and produce something better than the best.
3-      He applied his creativity to produce V12 engine 


About Author: Junaid Tahir is a passionate blogger. He writes articles on Leadership, General Awareness, Stress Management and Life Enhancement subjects at his personal blog

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