By Junaid Tahir
While reading an article on blog the below lines caught my attention:
"Remember the next time you decide to give someone a chance whether it be for work or for friendship, go for the real thing and not the sugar-coated one"

These lines triggered some thoughts in my mind on what points to consider in differentiating between the genuine personality and sugar-coated human (the person who looks sweet from outside but having a grey or black heart). Below are my suggestions:

  1. One or two observations are not enough to conclude. Take some time.
  2. Instead of observing actions, check the habits. Sometimes actions may not portray the genuine inner personality; however habits can predict the character. Because habits trigger repetitive actions which transform into the overall personality. 
  3. Sometimes sugar coating is not done because of specific evil benefits instead may be it is because of ethical causes. Don't think negative about such person; appreciate instead.
  4. Look for ethical characteristics such as honesty, truthfulness, friendliness, down-to-earth.
  5. Instead of using your eyes, use brain. Think logical and think carefully in concluding about some

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  1. A very difficult task especially with a acquaintance or distant family
    member. We need to use eyes and heart also to deal with people not brains
    alone. A person with bad habits may genuinely be trying to reform himself .
    We have a duty to help him. " A reformed sinner will become better than a
    practicing saint".

    Allen Peter

  2. absolutely right Allen Peter, that we have to use heart and brain, emotional & logical factors to distinguish between a genuine human being or a sugar-coated one... once someone said that if you want to judge a person then better evaluate him based on his/her actions instead of judging him when he speaks because actions portray his habits and character whereas the words he/she speak may not represent his true colors.