Here are 30 logos from some of the top brand names that have hidden messages, but some of them you have to look at very carefully to find them.

[Image Courtesy of Amazon]
When you first look at the logo of Amazon you could mistake the yellow arrow for a smile under the writing. However when you take into account that Amazon sells just about everything you could hope to find, you will realise that it is an arrow highlighting the fact that the company sells everything from ‘A to Z’ and also represents the smiling happy faces of customers who shop there.
[Image Courtesy of Carrefour]
Carrefour is the French name for Crossroads. The logo of the company features two arrows opposite each other, while the negative space inside of them helps to shape the letter C.
[Image Courtesy of NBC]
If you look closely at the colourful logo of NBC you can see a peacock in the middle of the logo above the text. The peacock is facing to the right as NBC have a motto to always look forward and never look behind. The peacock also stands for the company being proud of the shows they offer.
Formula 1
[Image Courtesy of Formula1]
Is isn’t very hard to work out the hidden meaning in the logo of Formula 1 if you look at the negative spacing as it creates the number 1.
[Image Courtesy of FedEx]
When you first see the logo of FedEx it looks just like a plain text logo and nothing fancy. However check out the negative space between the letter E and the X and you will clearly see a white arrow. The arrow represents for the speed at which the company is known to deliver.
Facebook Places
[Image Courtesy of Facebook]
Facebook Places is the geo-locational product of Facebook. Now they may have been clever here as their main competitor is Foursquare and if you take a close look you can see that in the square there is the number 4. Are they having a dig at their rival or was this just an accident?
Milwaukee Brewers
[Image Courtesy of Milwaukee Brewers]
The old version of the logo for the Milwaukee Brewers at first looks like a catcher’s mitt that is holding a baseball, but if you take a better look the mitt is actually the letters M and B.
Sony Vaio
[Image Courtesy of SonyVaio]
The Sony Vaio logo has a rather clever design as the first two of the letters is the representation of the basic analogue signal while the last two stand for the digital signal.
[Image Courtesy of Tostitos]
If you take a close look at the letters T, I and T on the logo of Tostitos you can see that they show two people sharing chips over a table.
[Image Courtesy of Toblerone]
The logo of Toblerone chocolate in the triangle shape shows the Matterhorn Mountain, which is where Toblerone first originated from. However if you look at the mountain more closely you can see that it shows an image of a bear.
Museum of London
[Image Courtesy of Museum of London]
When you first look at the logo of the Museum of London you might think that it looks very nice and colourful. However the colours and shapes behind the wording actually represent London’s geographical area as it changed over time.
[Image Courtesy of Forkwire]
Forkwire is an online food delivery company and they have cleverly incorporated a fork into the @ symbol.
Northwest Airlines
[Image Courtesy of Northwest Airlines]
Northwest Airlines old logo looks straightforward at first, just a logo with text basically. However if you look careful you can see that the symbol on the left makes up both the N and the W of Northwest. At the same time, the symbol is enclosed in a circle which is a representation of a compass that is pointing towards the Northwest.
Yoga Australia
[Image Courtesy of Yoga Australia]
A yoga company in Australia by the name of Yoga Australia have a very clever logo design. The logo seems to be that of a woman practising a yoga position. Look more carefully at how the body is positioned and you can see it represents the map of Australia.
Guild of Food Writers
[Image Courtesy of Guild of Food Writers]
This company is an organisation that offers culinary education and food writing. If you check out the logo, it is the nib of a fountain pen with a spoon inside it.
[Image Courtesy of LSO]
The logo of L.S.O looks like one continuous line representing the initials. However what it actually represents is rhythm of the orchestra that is unbroken.
Piano Forest
[Image Courtesy of Piano Forest]
The logo of Piano Forest seem to show black and white piano keys above the wording, but if you look closely you can see that along with representing piano keys, they are also black trees on a white background that represent a forest.
Big Ten Conference
[Image Courtesy of BigTen Conference]
There are now 11 schools in the Big Ten collegiate conference, if you check the logo you can clearly see that there is the number “11” between the letter G, T and E.
Rehabilitation Hospital Corporation of America
[Image Courtesy of RHCA]
The design of the logo may be very simple but at the same time it is symbolic and complex with the message it sends out. The cross symbol is known around the world for medical attention and help, while the steps leading up are those taken towards once again getting back to a normal life.
Baskin Robbins
[Image Courtesy of Baskin Robbins]
The Baskin Robbins ice cream company logo seems to offer the initial BR to signify the companies name in blue and pink. Take a close look though and you can see that the pink also shows up 31, this represents the 31 flavours that they originally offered.
New Man
[Image Courtesy of NewMan]
The logo of New Man is very stylish and striking offering the name of the company it represents and looks exactly the same when you turn ot upside down.
Galeries Lafayette
[Image Courtesy of Galeries Lafayette]
Galeries Lafayette is a famous store in Paris and if you look at the word Lafayette closely you will see that it makes up a picture that represents the Eiffel Tower.
Egg and Spoon
[Image Courtesy of Egg & Spoon]
The logo of Egg and Spoon is a very simple one. It shows the letter e, but inside it there is the shape of an egg and a spoon.
Treacy Shoes
[Image Courtesy of Treacy Shoes]
This is very clever logo for Treacy Shoes as it shoes the t and s which make up their name and if you look close you can see that there is a shoe.
A G Low Construction
[Image Courtesy of A G Low Construction]
The logo of the company makes up their name, with AG on top and LOW underneath, it also looks like a floor plan of house when you are looking down on it and of course, designing floor plans are what the company specialise in.
[Image Courtesy of Cattleyard]
Cattleyard are a company related to the music business and their logo has been made to form the shape of cow by using different types of musical instruments.
Malcolm Grear and Associates
[Image Courtesy of Malcolm Greer and Associates]
This clever logo was designed by Malcolm Grear & Associates and is very complex as it looks to be a cross at first, however hidden in it is a dove, along with a pulpit and a bible, a clerics robe, fish and flames.
[Image Courtesy of Chick-Fil-A]
The designers of the logo of Chick-Fil-a managed to incorporate a chicken into the logo using the letter C to form the chicken head.
Eighty 20
[Image Courtesy of Eighty20]
The logo of Eighty 20 is one that perhaps only geeks will have worked out. The clue is in the blue squares. Two lines represent a binary sequence, the blue squares are ones and the grey ones are zeros. So 1010000 is a representation of 80 and the 0010100 is 20, the name of the company.
Brand Union
[Image Courtesy of BrandUnion]
Brand Union are a creative design consultant company. Their logo is very clever as the blue and black shapes have been placed such that the negative spaces make the brands name.
[Image Courtesy of Coca-Cola]
You have to really take a close look at the Coca-Cola logo to find anything hidden in it. The key to finding anything is in the letter O in the Cola part. While it wasn’t an intentional thing, it shows the flag of Denmark. Denmark is said to be the happiest country in the world and when it was pointed out to them, Coca-Cola then came up with a media stunt in an airport in Denmark as they welcome people using flags in the airport. If you cannot see it check out the image below where it has been highlighted.
[Image Courtesy of Coca-Cola]
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