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WOOP for Success with the Team at Unlimited Management Group

By UnlimitedAdmin

Unlimited Management Group has recently found out about an exciting new way to set and achieve goals called WOOP. It’s an acronym for Wish, Outcome, Obstacle, and Plan, and it is a strategy based on the research of Dr. Gabriele Oettingen.
  • Wish: Many of us make the mistake of fantasizing about our goals as if we’ve already achieved them, but such daydreams are actually counterproductive. The emotional part of our brains – the part responsible for motivation – cannot distinguish between fact and fantasy, and is content to believe in our fantasies as if they were reality.
  • Outcome: Rather than indulging in fantasies, imagine the specific outcome of achieving your goals. For example, if your goal is to have more money, imagine yourself getting a promotion at work.
  • Obstacles: Then, think through the potential obstacles you will face in achieving your desired outcome. By doing so, one of two things will happen: you will either find yourself more motivated, or you will realize that your goal is unworkable.
  • Plan: Now that you’ve considered all the ways that achieving your goal can go wrong, and if it’s still a worthwhile and possible goal, plan a way to make it happen. Develop if-then responses to the obstacles you’ve already thought through, so that when you encounter them in real life, you know what you will do.
While Dr. Oettingen’s strategy runs against the popular advice of many self-help gurus, the evidence that her approach works is undeniable. Use WOOP to start achieving higher levels of success in your life.
source: UnlimitedManagementGroup
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  1. Hello our wishes are many whether agree or not but really ninety percent achievable and the balance can be OOP