1. Sign up for a regular English tip on several websites.
  2. Read a book you've already read
  3. Read a book with lots of dialogue.
  4. Read English language magazines.
  5. Take a one week intensive course.
  6. Teach your children or friends some English.
  7. Say or think what you are doing in English as you do your daily tasks.
  8. Watch English language news.
  9. Watching English children's TV programs.
  10. Read English children's books.
  11. Make your own vocabulary and read it several times daily
  12. Label things in your house or office with post-its.
  13. Keep a diary in English. Write it daily
  14. Listen to the radio news in English.
  15. Read an English language newspaper.
  16. Watch English language exercise videos.
  17. Use English-English dictionary
  18. Learn some spelling rules.
  19. Record your own voice and listen.
  20. Learn as many words as you can of one category, e.g. animal words..
  21. Sign up for an English language exam TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS or FCE.
  22. Buy a speaking electronic dictionary.

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