Manage   Lead,
Get more formal  Get less formal,
Tolerate bureaucracy  Blow up bureaucracy,
Assume everything is fine  Face reality,
Make things complex  Simplify,
See change as a threat  See change as an opportunity,
Manage by authority  Lead by energizing others,
Respect tradition  Defy tradition,
Let hierarchy rule Make intellect rule,
Move cautiously Pounce every day,
Put numbers first Put values first, 
Manage everything Manage less,
Stick to your agenda Rewrite your agenda,
Take your time  Live speed,
Reduce anxiety Instill confidence,
Set modest goals Set stretch goals,
Respect the boundaries Eliminate the boundaries,
Lay out a detailed plan Articulate a vision,
Learn good ideas from inside the company Get good ideas from everywhere,
Outshine others Spark others to perform,
Quality is management’s job Quality is your job,
Change will end Change never ends.

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