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Story: The Family Goes to Village

One day, the father of a very wealthy family took his son on a trip to the village with the express purpose of showing him how poor people live.
They spent a couple of days and nights on the farm of what would be considered a very poor family.
On their return from their trip, the father asked his son, “How was the trip?”
“It was great, Dad.”
“Did you see how poor people live?” the father asked.
“Oh yeah,” said the son.
“So, tell me, what you learned from the trip?” asked the father.
The son answered:
“I saw that we have one dog and they had four.
We have a pool that reaches to the middle of our garden and they have a creek that has no end.
We have imported lanterns in our garden and they have the stars at night.
Our patio reaches to the front yard and they have the whole horizon.
We have a small piece of land to live on and they have fields that go beyond our sight.
We have servants who serve us, but they serve others.
We buy our food, but they grow theirs.
We have walls around our property to protect us, they have friends to protect them.”
The boy’s father was speechless.
Then his son added, “Thanks Dad for showing me how poor we are.”
Isn’t perspective a wonderful thing? Makes you wonder what would happen if we all gave thanks for everything we have, instead of worrying about what we don’t have.
Appreciate every single thing you have God has blessed you with, especially your sincere friends!
Pass this on to friends and acquaintances and help them refresh their perspective and appreciation.
“Life is too short and friends are too few.”

Each Little Effort

The way to achieve big things is to take care of the little things every opportunity you get. Instead of seeing yourself as too important to do some small task, see the task as too important to ignore.

Don't worry about whether you're making a big enough difference. Just keep your focus on making whatever positive difference you can.

Every major achievement is filled with countless minor details. Get the small details right, and you'll get the big achievement done.

Now is the time you have in which to act. So do what you can do now.

A molecule of water is so small it cannot be seen by the naked eye, and the ocean is so vast it cannot be seen all at once. Yet the vast ocean is nothing without the tiny molecule.

Each little effort matters. So make one every chance you get.
Ralph Marston - The Daily Motivator

Story: The Cow and the Owner

The Teacher was walking through the market place with his students. They saw a man dragging a cow by a rope. Teacher told the man to wait and asked his disciples to surround them. “I am going to teach you something” and continued...

“Tell me who is bound to whom? Is the cow bound to this man or the man is bound to the cow?

The students said without hesitation “Of course the cow is bound to the man!. The man is the master. He is holding the rope. The cow has to follow him wherever he goes. The man is the master and the cow is the slave.”

“Now watch this”, said the teacher and took a pair of scissors from his bag and cut the rope. The cow ran away from the master and the man ran after his cow. “Look, what is happening”, said the Teacher .

 “Do you see who the Master is? The cow is not at all interested in this man. The cow in fact, is trying to escape from this man.” This is the case with our mind.

Like the cow, all the non-sense that we carry inside is not interested in us. We are interested in it, we are keeping it together somehow or the other. We are going crazy trying to keep it all together under our control.

The moment we lose interest in all the garbage filled in our head, and the moment we understand the futility of it, it will start to disappear. Like the cow, it will escape and disappear.” We can allow disappearing of all the unwanted things from our mind and feel relaxed.

Short Story: The Unhappy Young Lady

The old Master instructed the unhappy young lady to put a handful of salt in a glass of water and then to drink it. "How does it taste?" the Master asked. "Very bad" Said the lady.

The Master then asked the young lady to take another handful of salt and put it in the lake. The two walked in silence to the nearby lake and when the apprentice swirled his handful of salt into the lake, the old man said, "Now drink from the lake."

As the water dripped down the young lady's chin, the Master asked, "How does it taste?" "Good!" remarked the apprentice. "Do you taste the salt?" asked the Master. "No," said the young lady.

The Master said, "The pain of life is pure salt; no more, no less. The amount of pain in life remains the same, exactly the same. But the amount we taste the 'pain' depends on the container we put it into. So when you are in pain, the only thing you can do is to enlarge your sense of things..... Stop being a glass.  Become a lake!" 


Doctor, Patient and Nurse :)

A man was seen fleeing down the hall of the hospital just before his operation.

"What's the matter?" he was asked.

He said, "I heard the nurse say, 'It's a very simple operation, don't worry, I'm sure it will be all right."

"She was just trying to comfort you, what's so frightening about that?"

"She was talking to the doctor"

10 Great Innovations of Previous Year

by Nooh Kazi on December 25, 2013

It’s just a matter of days, and this year will pass by, but this year was great for technological advancements, old technologies received massive upgrade, mobile devices became more and more powerful, electric cars started becoming a standard in developed countries and also this year bring forth things, quite new and innovative, so here we’ll be covering some of the great innovations of 2013:

1. Sony Smart Lens


Sony smart lens takes photography to a new level. If you are not contended with the picture quality produced by your smartphone’s camera, try this one. Not only that, professionals looking for a more compact solution, this is a thing for them. The Smart Lens pairs with your smartphone via NFC and Built in Wi-Fi, you operate the camera using the dedicate app, which you can get from App Store for iPhone or Google Play for Android. The app acts as a view finder for the Lens and even lets you customize the settings, and you can even keep the lens in one hand take the pictures with the other, using your smartphone.

2. The Mission R


We have already seen Electric Cars being a trend now, but Mission R is something different, it’s an electric bike, unlike any other vehicle. Powered by 160 HP Liquid cooled electric motor, this bike can do 0 to 60 mph (96.5 km/h) in whopping 3 seconds only, and can achieve speeds up to 150 mph (240 km/h). The battery pack varies in capacity, depending on what choice the customer makes, the lowest capacity battery is 12kWh battery which offer 105 miles (170 km) of range in a single charge and the highest 17kWh battery offers 140 miles (225 km) of range. Other specs are pretty standard as of those of sports bikes, designed specifically for enthusiasts.

3. Oculus Rift


Oculus Rift is designed to take gaming to a new level. It is a Head Mounted Virtual Reality Display being developed by Oculus VR, though its development started in 2012, but some major innovations were made in 2013. The consumer version of this gadget is coming in late 2014, while the developer editions become available from time to time with latest improvement. Let’s put it simple, this head mounted display is intended for immersive 3D gaming experience for gamers. The consumer version is reported to have a 1920×1080 7 inch 3D display, visible via 2 lenses, inside the gadget, for both eyes. This head mounted gadget weighs 379 g only, and offers decent connectivity options, including HDMI, DVI and USB port, also now, the game developers are releasing support for Oculus Rift, and already, many games do support it, so that gamers can be at home, when this new revolutionary device is available.

4. 3Doodler


3Doodler is a 3D Printing pen, which lets you draw 3 Dimensional sculptures. It is the world’s first 3D printing pen made by Peter Dilworth and Maxwell Bogue of WobbleWorks LLC. It uses acrylonitrile butadiene styrene or Poly Lactic Acid as plastic for drawing. The pen actually melts the plastic which lets you draw the sculptures, the melted plastic cools down soon, and you get your 3 Dimensional picture. The plastic is also available in different colors.

5. Volvo Solar Pavilion


Electric Cars run on battery, and the very limited range on a battery can be a drawback, as not everywhere in the world, one can charge their car, using electricity. Well, Volvo has a solution, with its Solar Pavilion, which is a flexible pavilion with solar cells on it, which can charge an electric car using sunlight, and then it can fold up to make its space in the car’s boot too. It’s been designed by Los Angeles-based Synthesis Design + Architecture and is a first revolutionary step in overcoming the problem of limited range of electric vehicles.

6. Atlas Robot


The Atlas Robot is a Humanoid Robot made by Boston Dynamics. It consists of 4 limbs, and 2 vision systems, one is a laser ranger finder, while other includes stereo cameras. It’s made from aluminum and titanium, which is of the same quality as used in manufacture of aircrafts; it stands 6 feet tall and weighs 150 Kg. Its primary purpose is search and rescue, in environments where humans can’t operate.

7. The Gravity Light


Gravity Light is a device which generates light, using earth’s gravity, made by Deciwatt. According to the manufacturer, it is an alternate to health hazardous kerosene lamps for the people of 3rd world countries, who don’t have access to electricity. The working of gravity lamps is, that some weight is attached to the lamp, which is pulled to a certain height, and a mechanism is set up internally which works on the base that as the gravity pulls down the weight, an internal generator will operate to due to rotation caused by downward motion of the weight and the energy generated by the generator, will be used to power the LEDs. The Gravity Light by Deciwatt takes 3 second to raise the weight, and then it would operate for 25 minutes.

8. The Invisible Skyscraper


Tower Infinity, a proposed tower in South Korea, which is yet to be built, will be the world’s first invisible skyscraper. The concept was presented by GDS Architects, and they confirm that even though the tower will appear invisible, the 450 meters high building will still be visible to planes and birds. The invisibility of the tower is achieved by cameras that capture the view around the tower, and then project it by projectors, with LEDs to enhance the image further.

9. Makerbot Digitizer


Makerbot Digitizer is a 3D scanner which lets you scan real time 3 Dimensional Images of the objects that fit into it and then you can even print the 3D object using a 3D printer. The device is equipped with a turn table, some lasers and 1.3 Mega Pixel CMOS sensor for precision Scanning of the objects. The dedicated software also allows you to edit the scanned models on your choice before printing.

10. Google Glass


2013 has been the year of wearable techs. We saw a lot of wearable devices, which would change the way we interact with technology in the years to come. Google Glass is one of them; it is basically a wearable like a glass, which can tell info and share experiences as well as assisting one in many tasks, including routes to destinations, showing texts from your phone, can translate one language from another in real time, and a lot more. It is equipped with a 5 MP Camera, which can do 720p video recording. It is intended to be a more wearable computer. One can interact with it using their natural voice. The developer version is available in US only right now, and the consumer version is yet to come in 2014.

6 Habits of True Strategic Thinkers

In the beginning, there was just you and your partners. You did every job. You coded, you met with investors, you emptied the trash and phoned in the midnight pizza. Now you have others to do all that and it's time for you to "be strategic." 
Whatever that means.

If you find yourself resisting "being strategic," because it sounds like a fast track to irrelevance, or vaguely like an excuse to slack off, you're not alone. Every leader's temptation is to deal with what's directly in front, because it always seems more urgent and concrete. Unfortunately,
if you do that, you put your company at risk. While you concentrate on steering around potholes, you'll miss windfall opportunities, not to mention any signals that the road you're on is leading off a cliff.

This is a tough job, make no mistake. "We need strategic leaders!" is a pretty constant refrain at every company, large and small. One reason the job is so tough: no one really understands what it entails. It's hard to be a strategic leader if you don't know what strategic leaders are supposed to do.

After two decades of advising organizations large and small, my colleagues and I have formed a clear idea of what's required of you in this role. Adaptive strategic leaders — the kind who thrive in today's uncertain environment – do six things well:


Most of the focus at most companies is on what's directly ahead. The leaders lack "peripheral vision." This can leave your company vulnerable to rivals who detect and act on ambiguous signals. To anticipate well, you must:
  • Look for game-changing information at the periphery of your industry
  • Search beyond the current boundaries of your business
  • Build wide external networks to help you scan the horizon better

Think Critically

"Conventional wisdom" opens you to fewer raised eyebrows and second guessing. But if you swallow every management fad, herdlike belief, and safe opinion at face value, your company loses all competitive advantage. Critical thinkers question everything. To master this skill you must force yourself to:
  • Reframe problems to get to the bottom of things, in terms of root causes
  • Challenge current beliefs and mindsets, including your own
  • Uncover hypocrisy, manipulation, and bias in organizational decisions


Ambiguity is unsettling. Faced with it, the temptation is to reach for a fast (and potentially wrongheaded) solution.  A good strategic leader holds steady, synthesizing information from many sources before developing a viewpoint. To get good at this, you have to:
  • Seek patterns in multiple sources of data
  • Encourage others to do the same
  • Question prevailing assumptions and test multiple hypotheses simultaneously


Many leaders fall prey to "analysis paralysis." You have to develop processes and enforce them, so that you arrive at a "good enough" position. To do that well, you have to:
  • Carefully frame the decision to get to the crux of the matter
  • Balance speed, rigor, quality and agility. Leave perfection to higher powers
  • Take a stand even with incomplete information and amid diverse views


Total consensus is rare. A strategic leader must foster open dialogue, build trust and engage key stakeholders, especially when views diverge.  To pull that off, you need to:
  • Understand what drives other people's agendas, including what remains hidden
  • Bring tough issues to the surface, even when it's uncomfortable
  • Assess risk tolerance and follow through to build the necessary support


As your company grows, honest feedback is harder and harder to come by.  You have to do what you can to keep it coming. This is crucial because success and failure--especially failure--are valuable sources of organizational learning.  Here's what you need to do:
  • Encourage and exemplify honest, rigorous debriefs to extract lessons
  • Shift course quickly if you realize you're off track
  • Celebrate both success and (well-intentioned) failures that provide insight

Do you have what it takes?

Obviously, this is a daunting list of tasks, and frankly, no one is born a black belt in all these different skills. But they can be taught and whatever gaps exist in your skill set can be filled in. I'll cover each of the aspects of strategic leadership in more detail in future columns. But for now, test your own strategic aptitude (or your company's) with the survey at In the comments below, let me know what you learned from it.

Paul J. H. Schoemaker: Founder and Chairman, Decision Strategies Intl. Speaker, professor, and entrepreneur. Research Director, 

Using Our Powers

To be a master means to use at the right time the powers that we have.

We do have a lot of powers within us which we can use in different situations. But we sometimes find that we are not always able to order the right power at the right time. So, sometimes in spite of having the power within us, we are not able to use it because it doesn't come to use when we require it. 

We need to practice being the master having control over all our inner powers. The more we practice being the master, the more we will find our powers working perfectly under our order. Then we will be able to use the right power at the right time.
Source Unknown

Story -- My Limited Thoughts

I have recently moved from Dubai to Abu Dhabi  due to change in job. My apartment is near to the beach which is great for summer season but worst now a days because extremely cold wind flows in winters specially in the evening and night time. My car parking is around 200 meters from the beach and the apartment is around 300 meters further away from the parking.

Yesterday, I left office after 12 hours of tiring work; parked my car and walked briskly towards my apartment building in cold breeze so as to sleep as soon as possible. After quick dinner, I jumped into the bed and cover myself with blanket. I took my mobile to set the alarm for the morning. I noticed that the mobile battery is running out of charge whereas I left my laptop bag and charger inside the car. Being tired, I started cursing myself on how could I forget to keep the charger with me. I whispered to God in a complaining way on why He wants me to go out to the beach with my tiring body and mind in this much cold time of night. Anyways, I reached my car with half-slept-brain with continuous complaining thoughts. While I was taking the mobile charger,  I noticed that I forgot to place the car parking ticket on the dashboard. The ticket violation is 200AED to 400 AED (up to 11000 PKR or 6800  INR). So I went to parking machine immediately, bought the ticket and placed on the dashboard and felt good that I saved myself from being charged by Police.

With this small experience
Now I realized that why God wanted me to come back to the car. He exchanged my little discomfort with assurance of complying with the Traffic and Parking laws and saving my money. In this ten minutes situation I refreshed my knowledge that God plans everything with His great wisdom which sometimes is beyond our comprehension level. He is the Creator and we are His creation so there is no match at all between His master plans and our plans which we make with our little brains. While we may not fathom the wisdom behind His moves, we need to develop and strengthen the spiritual belief that whatever happens in our lives certainly has a reason behind it. We need understand the fact that God takes us in deep waters not to drown us but to cleanse us. The more stronger the belief we possess the higher the level of peace and contentment we attain in our lives

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And by the way, it is unhealthy to sleep right after taking your dinner which I was going to do too J