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8 Ways to Improve Your Company's Efficiency

It's safe to say that every company out there wants to run their offices as efficiently as possible. That is, the idea is to offer the most and best products and services at the lowest cost. One mistake commonly made by administrators is to confuse quality with quantity.

Whether you've been faced with the task of improving a company's overall efficiency, or if you just want to see where you can improve, the following tips will surely help. Here are several ways to streamline any company's efficiency while improving quality.

1. Promote a Culture of Open Communication

Promote a Culture of Open Communication

If your company has implemented an "open door policy," you're already pointed in the right direction. This is a great start, but think about taking it a step further. Too often, "open door policies" end up being hollow, rarely-used entries in employee handbooks. These are typically skimmed at best on the first day on the job. Create a culture of true open communication, and productivity will improve as a result of a more positive office morale.

Encourage communication, collaboration, and feedback between departments, as well as between management and staff. This will liven up the stream of ideas, resulting in a more productive team overall.

2. Implement Smart Mobile Devices

Implement Smart Mobile Devices

Smartphones, tablets, and other smart devices are an exceptionally effective step toward enhancing productivity. Provide sales staff with smartphones to help them keep in touch with the office via phone and emails while out on sales calls. Tablets give them the ability to create and modify presentations on the go, and there are countless apps available on both these devices that are designed to improve productivity by helping to combine and prioritize tasks.

When you implement a smart mobile device management system, you will put your company on the fast track toward more effective procedures. This will (in turn) bring a better-quality experience for clients and employees alike, resulting in a stronger bottom line.

3. Embrace Feedback

Your employees have opinions. Encourage the entire company to embrace feedback, both positive and negative by creating an outlet for it. It's a good idea to designate a general hub in the building for staff to communicate and make suggestions about the company. Many choose to do this through a specific website centered around human resource issues, serving as a one-stop-shop for work-related issues and updates.

For startup companies and small businesses, a more personal — and affordable — approach to this is to hold weekly or monthly meetings to share ideas. You could also use a bulletin board in a central part of the office as a place to share ideas.

4. Get a Technology Update

Get a Technology Update

Take a look around your main office space. Are your employees typing on 10-year-old monitors connected to antiquated computers? It will undoubtedly seem like a major cost at first glance, but updating employee computers and software periodically is an absolute must. Considering the most basic factor of productivity is speed, equipping office computers with the most efficiently run software and hardware should be the first thing you improve.

You may be able to get by with a simple hard drive upgrade or RAM boost, but those computers will need regular maintenance, and some in-depth attention every few years. If it has been more than six, it's time to upgrade the system entirely.

5. Consult Ergonomic Standards

Have you analyzed employee workspaces for ergonomic standards? It will certainly be in your best interests to brush up on ergonomic standards, and toeducate staff on the basics. Bring in a professional and hold a seminar to fill them in on standards. If that's not in the budget, educate yourself on the key points, and make sure the lifeblood of your company are taken care of in this aspect.

Supply staff with office equipment that comply with these standards, such as chairs, foot rests, and keyboards. Don't look at this as an expense; rather, it's an investment that will likely yield profitable returns through enhanced employee productivity and lowered worker's compensation claims.

6. Streamline Social Media Marketing Efforts


Social media is proving to be one of the most viable marketing tools available these days. It's most certainly a hot topic, and one that isn't to be ignored. Utilizing these platforms to promote your business is extremely important, but really shouldn't be a major time concern. A few hours spread out each week ought to be enough to adequately keep up social media accounts for the average company.

Do yourself a favor and urge your social media coordinator to utilizestreamlining apps like HootSuite, Sprout Social and MarketMeSuite. These programs combine social network accounts onto one convenient dashboard, making it easier to control and post to each in a timely manner.

7. Analyze Employee Processes

Take a poll of your current employees to gauge their overall efficiency. Have direct supervisors spend an hour or so with each department to determine how each team handles individual tasks. Then meet with these supervisors to compare notes, and discuss whether there is a faster, more efficient way of doing things.

This activity will be greatly enhanced by the increased communication practices mentioned earlier. When everyone collaborates like this, more work gets done. As an added bonus, there is a bigger sense of ownership when employees are able to take part in modifying procedures.

8. Set Achievable Goals

Once all of these tweaks and changes are made, it's time to set some realistic goals. Set over-arching, broad goals for the entire company, and then work with department heads to decide which goals to set for each department, and finally, for each employee.

Setting realistic, tangible goals this way will provide much-needed motivation. To bring this whole process full circle, once these goals are met, plan a company-wide activity such as a potluck, where everyone can relax and enjoy each other's company, while celebrating their success.

The task of improving a company's efficiency can certainly be a daunting one. Don't be intimidated by the enormity of the situation. Rather, consider this a chance to make your company one that anyone would want to work for, and make it more efficient at the same time.

Are you efficient, effective, or efficiently effective? Effective is Not the Same as Efficient

12 Symptoms of Spiritual Awakening

Story - My Limited Thoughts

I have recently moved from Dubai to Abu Dhabi  due to change in job. My apartment is near to the beach which is great for summer season but worst now a days because extremely cold wind flows in winters specially in the evening and night time. My car parking is around 200 meters from the beach and the apartment is around 300 meters further away from the parking.

Yesterday, I left office after 12 hours of tiring work; parked my car and walked briskly towards my apartment building in cold breeze so as to sleep as soon as possible. After quick dinner, I jumped into the bed and cover myself with blanket. I took my mobile to set the alarm for the morning. I noticed that the mobile battery is running out of charge whereas I left my laptop bag and charger inside the car. Being tired, I started cursing myself on how could I forget to keep the charger with me. I whispered to God in a complaining way on why He wants me to go out to the beach with my tiring body and mind in this much cold time of night. Anyways, I reached my car with half-slept-brain with continuous complaining thoughts. While I was taking the mobile charger,  I noticed that I forgot to place the car parking ticket on the dashboard. The ticket violation is 200AED to 400 AED (up to 11000 PKR or 6800  INR). So I went to parking machine immediately, bought the ticket and placed on the dashboard and felt good that I saved myself from being charged by Police.

Now I realized that why God wanted me to come back to the car. He exchanged my little discomfort with assurance of complying with the Traffic and Parking laws and saving my money. In this ten minutes situation I refreshed my knowledge that God plans everything with His great wisdom which sometimes is beyond our comprehension level. He is the Creator and we are His creation so there is no match at all between His master plans and our plans which we make with our little brains. While we may not fathom the wisdom behind His moves, we need to develop and strengthen the spiritual belief that whatever happens in our lives certainly has a reason behind it. We need understand the fact that God takes us in deep waters not to drown us but to cleanse us. The more stronger the belief we possess the higher the level of peace and contentment we attain in our lives
And by the way, it is unhealthy to sleep right after taking your dinner which I was going to do too :)

Power of Acceptance

When someone is doing something or is about to do something, in a way we don't want it to be done and when we are not able to accept it, we become angry. 

However, when someone is doing something or is about to do something, in a way we don't want it to be done  and we are able to accept it, we remain tolerant.

When someone has something which we don't have, or someone is able to produce the results which we are not able to produce  and we are not able to accept it  we become jealous. 

When someone has something which we don't have or someone is able to produce the results which we are not able to produce and we are able to accept it we get inspired.

When someone is present in our thoughts, but if not physically present and we are not able to accept it, we say 'I am missing you'.

When someone is present in our thoughts, but not physically present  and we are able to accept it we say 'I am thinking of you'.
Then the emotional equation is quite simple.

Something + Acceptance = Positive Emotion
Something + Non Acceptance = Negative Emotion

So, it is not 'Something' or 'someone' that is making us feel positive or negative, but it is our 'acceptance' or 'non acceptance' of something or someone, which is making us feel positive or negative. 

It isn't the world but the quality of our response to the world (acceptance or non acceptance) that determines the quality of our emotions.

Next time we feel disturbed with a negative emotion, instead of asking who or what is disturbing us, we will examine who or what we are resisting (not accepting) that is causing this disturbance in us.

We will replace resistance (non acceptance) with acceptance, and the negative emotion will turn into a positive one.

Emotional management begins when we stop blaming that 'something' or 'someone' and start taking the responsibility to respond to life with 'acceptance'.

8 Qualities of Successful Person

1. Burning Desire
The motivation to succeed comes from the burning desire to achieve a purpose. Napoleon Hill wrote, "Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve." A burning desire is the starting point of all accomplishment. Just like a small fire cannot give much heat, a weak desire cannot produce great results.

2. Commitment
Integrity and wisdom are the two pillars on which to build and keep commitments. This point is best illustrated by the manager who told one of his staff members, "Integrity is keeping your commitment even if you lose money and wisdom is not to make such foolish commitments."

3. Responsibility
People with character accept responsibilities. They make decisions and determine their own destiny in life. Accepting responsibilities involves taking risks and being accountable which is sometimes uncomfortable.Responsible people don't think that the world owes them a living.

4. Hard work
Success is not something that you run into by accident. It takes a lot of preparation and character. Everyone likes to win but how many are willing to put in the effort and lime to prepare to win? It takes sacrifice and self-discipline. There is no substitute for hard work.

5. Character
Character is the sum total of a person's values, beliefs and personality. It is reflected in our behavior, in our actions. It needs to be preserved more than the richest jewel in the world. To be a winner takes character. George Washington said, "I hope I shall always possess firmness and virtue enough to maintain what I consider the most valuable of all titles, the character of an honest man."

6. Positive believing/Thinking
Positive believing is a lot more than positive thinking. It is having a reason to believe that positive thinking will work. Positive believing is an attitude of confidence that comes with preparation. Having a positive attitude without making the effort is nothing more than having a wishful dream.

7. The Power of persistence
The journey to being your best is not easy. It is full of setbacks. Winners have the ability to overcome.Persistence means commitment and determination. There is pleasure in endurance. Commitment and persistence is a decision. Athletes put in years of practice for a few seconds or minutes of performance.
Persistence is a decision. It is a commitment to finish what you start. When we are exhausted, quitting, looks good. But winners endure. Ask a winning athlete. He endures pain and finishes what he started. Lots of failures have begun well but have not concluded anything. Persistence comes from purpose. Life without purpose is drifting. A person who has no purpose will never persevere and will never be fulfilled.

8. Pride of performance
In today's world, pride in performance has fallen by the wayside because it requires effort and hard work. However, nothing happens unless it is made to happen. When one is discouraged, it is easy to look for shortcuts. However these should be avoided no matter how great the temptation. Pride comes from within, which is what gives the winning edge.
Pride of performance does not represent ego. It represents pleasure with humility. 

The quality of the work and the quality and the worker are inseparable. Half-hearted effort does not produce half results; it produces no results.
Excellence comes when the performer takes pride in doing his best. Every job is a self-portrait of the person who does it, regardless of what the job is, whether washing cars, sweeping the floor or painting a house. 

source: unknown

10 Management Tips for Great Leaders

Alphabets Intelligently Arranged

Alphabets are so intelligently arranged. They show you the way of life....
"A"lways "B"e "C"ool.
"D"on't have "E"go with "F"riends n Family.
"G"iveup "H"urting "I"ndividuals.
"J"ust "K"eep "L"oving "M"ankind.
"N"ever "O"mit "P"rayers.
"Q"uietly "R"emember God.
"S"peak "T"ruth.
"U"se "V"alid "W"ords

"X"press "Y"our "Z"eal