We all talk about it, and most of us feel we're doing an excellent job, but what is it, anyway? 

Excellence is more than just doing well, or being good. The dictionary uses words like:

  • Outstanding
  • Extremely good
  • Superior
  • Eminent

There are many ideas about what excellence is, but it's pretty clear what it's NOT. Excellence is NOT a destination. It's about getting better, developing, growing, improving, and giving it your all every day. Think about the phrases typically associated with excellence: 

  • Giving your best everyday
  • Getting better everyday
  • Relentless pursuit of perfection
  • Exceeding expectations
  • Moving from good to great
  • On the leading edge
  • Pushing the envelope
  • Exceeding high standards
  • Exceptional performance
  • Standard setting

That's why we're so committed to the concept of development: it truly is the key to excellence.

What's your view of excellence?

Source: Advancing Excellence

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