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The Family Picnic and The Traffic Signal

The family picnic on last weekend was great as we had a lot of fun at beach park. It was equally tiring because of lot of physic...

The family picnic on last weekend was great as we had a lot of fun at beach park. It was equally tiring because of lot of physical activities such as cycling, running and games for 6 hours. Driving back, I was desperate to reach home as soon as possible to take deep sleep. The traffic signal next to my colony was red and being a longer duration of 3-4 minutes I was losing my patience. I had the option either to wait for the signal to turn green or to take a 100 meter small off track road (which was illegal) and reach home quickly. I decided to wait for the signal to turn green instead of traffic violation. Meanwhile I noticed that another car driver did exactly the same which I was about to do just seconds ago. As soon as he crossed the Yellow Road Side Lane to take the rough track, a police car (which was also in the waiting queue of signal) immediately approached the person and stopped him in the colony. The police fined him 500AED (13000 PKR or 7400 INR) for this traffic violation (I checked this value of traffic violation from Police website). I was thanking God for controlling myself from violation and ending up having a bad day L

This is what I learnt from this experience:
1-     Traffic laws must be followed strictly in all situations except for real emergency cases. Some countries like UAE have very tough rules for violations in order to ensure traffic safety and to maintain Law & Order situation.
2-    Do not consider any violations in life as small. You never know how big impact you might cause to someone because of your small mistake or error.
3-    Whenever you do a good or bad thing publicly, you generate a ripple effect in the society. For example, if you drive over speedily then youngsters who observe you on the road tend to follow you. If 5 youngsters follow you then another 10 youngsters will follow those 5 youngsters and then another 20 youngsters will follow those 10 youngsters and the ripple effect continues to grow. On the contrary, if you do good to someone, he will do good to more people and the ripple effect will grow. Hence a humble request is to generate the ripples of happiness, care and love and spread peace and tranquility and contentment in the world J
4-    Avoid short cuts in life else you will regret on what you did. Try to comply with the standard practices and procedures in life and set great examples for your followers.

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