Are you aware that whenever you lose your true self-awareness (soul-consciousness), you will identify with and
get attached to something that is not you? It could be another person, your work, or some material possession. Let's say you are attached to your job and one day, due to rising costs, your company decides to downsize and starts laying off thousands of its employees - all of a sudden you are asked to leave. The attachment to and identification with your position in the company, which has become a habit, causes the creation of fearful and angry thoughts (e.g., * I'm going to lose my job (fear related to the future) or * How dare they downsize the company and damage my position (anger towards the company and its leadership)).

The destructive energy of these thoughts becomes emotion (energy in motion) which then invades your entire mind so you cannot have clear and calm thoughts (the prime requirement of that moment). It hijacks your intellect so you cannot make correct, wise decisions and choices (also the prime requirement of that moment) for the future. Any connection you had with your inner peace is broken. All this happens because you forgot who you really are and had begun to think you are what you do. When seen from the point of view of this example it sounds ridiculous that we should identify with what we do or what we have, but this is currently how the world and its people work. So, never forget who you truly are!

Nothing belongs to us, not even the so called “beautiful body”. We live as if we are never going to die And we die as if we never lived…then why to have false attachment?

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