Trying to start a job? Here are some tips about what decisions you need to take:

1. Decide what you want to sell
Although it seems obvious, is not, at least not always. And I explain. You need to decide what you want to sell, because this decision will affect all the others that are going to follow. Is not an easy task, because you need to decide if you want to do what your heart or what your brain tells you to do.

2. Decide to who you want to sell it
Another crucial decision. You need to decide the segment of the market to which you are going to sell. Demographics, people's needs in accordance with the decision number 1 will tell you to who you need to sell in order to achieve your targets.

3. Take a look at the market
Very important step too. You have to see if the market is saturated in terms of what you decided to sell. If this is the case, then change your targets: change the goods you are planning to sell, or change the market segment to which you aim, or even change market…

4. Decide the budget
This paragon, maybe is the most important, some can argue. I don't think so. It is a decisive one, okay, but not the most decisive. You can't imagine the miracles you can achieve with little money if your moves are targeted with accuracy and determination. Anyway, you need to know what budget you have in hands and what the expenses the job will have, at least at the beginning, so budgeting is a good advice.

5. Decide your partners and/or employees
I believe this is the most decisive paragon. Human presence is the most important factor. Is the competitive advantage you can have or the destructive paragon which will ruin everything. So, it is very important to choose the right people for the right place, or even more important, to choose the right partner.

6. Decide the place
This is something many people don't take under consideration. That is so wrong. Deciding where to open your store, or business in general, is very important. Sometimes, depending on the store, some meters can give you a competitive advantage. Remember how many times you saw a shop in the corner selling loads, while another with the same merchandise just few meters away, but not in the corner, sells almost anything. So, choosing the right spot is very important. Also, in big companies, even the choice of the right town can give you a competitive advantage. It is much easier to sell boats in a sea side town. Isn't it??

7. Decide the way you will promote your goods
As promotion is vital for your business, you need to decide in which way you are going to promote your goods. This has to do with the budget, the focal part of the market, the profiles of the buyer's etc. You need to see the demographics of your customers. You can promote via newspapers, tv, internet- social media etc. Each time you will begin a promotion campaign you have to wonder, who is going to hear what I am about to say if I will do it this or that way? For example, advertising in internet, if your target group is millennials is a good choice, but if you sell traditional things and your target group is elder people, advertising via internet is not a very good choice..

8. Decide the way you are going to sell the goods
It is almost the same with the previous one. You have to decide i.e. if you are going to sell the traditional way, via internet, door to door etc.

9. Decide what do you expect from your job
Here comes one of the most important factors one must have in mind. What do you expect from your job? I mean, what are you willing to sacrifice and for what price. If you decide that then you are ready to do the big step and begin with that job. The level of engagement is a decisive paragon which can give you even the competitive advantage you need in order to survive and expand. I know people, who were sleeping in their stores as they were working all day long and sometimes even all night long. This kind of engagement is something not all people can or are willing to do.

10. Create a work- life balance
Work- life balance is a very important paragon too, and although I wrote it last is not least. If you want to be a good businessman or employee, you need to bring balance in your life. You are not a machine. You have emotions, and believe me that can brake you down or make you thrive. So, be close to your family members and/or friends can be very important, because it will help you in difficult times to have a clear mind or to minimize stress. That can lead you to the right decisions, and that can also be a competitive advantage. Also, the good manager, employee, salesperson etc. must not have many open situations to deal with. So, you need to talk to your family and make them understand what they expect from you this specific time period or in general.

source: LinkedIn Career Getting Started

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