Does it sometimes seem that you never accomplish what you set out to do? Very few of us are spared this feeling of ineptness. Part of the problem may be that you know you should set some goals but you don't know how to get started. Here's an easy way for you to get going. Each step is represented by a letter from the word GOALS.

The GET Step

Decide what it is you want to get and write it down. Make a list of all the things you'd like to do and be, a list of all the places you want to go, and the things you want to accomplish.


Organize your plan by listing every step that it will take to get you what you want. Now, organize your plan by prioritizing your list. Make a list of the order that will best accomplish your goal. If some of the items on your list look overwhelming, break them down into more manageable pieces.


Take some action every day to move you toward your goals. Write down the three or four things that are most important to do every day, week, and month to move you toward your goals and plan when to do them. Then do them!

The LIST Step

Make lists as you go. List what you want. List how to get there. List the steps you need to take to accomplish your actions. List the obstacles that might get in your way. List how to overcome them. List your action steps. By writing things down, you form a commitment to get them done and give your subconscious some work to do!


Enjoy your success! Each time you accomplish part or all of a goal you'll boost your confidence and give you the motivation to go on and finish something else.

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