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Cost Reduction has always been one of the most important considerations for all kind of businesses. In order to save more, most companies use out-sourced staff at cheaper rate or utilize sub-contracting companies services. While sub-contracting companies delivers the project at fairly low cost, but quality of goods and/or services is too poor which consequently requires extra rounds of time, efforts and money to resolve the quality issues. On top of that, the prestige of your company deteriorates during the quality enhancement phase. Hence the overall package becomes "Short term gain, long term pain".

To ensure concrete grip on Quality of Services, strong check points, tough acceptance criteria and strong annual subcontracting evaluation should be used so that better subcontractors may be awarded with more work and poor services to lead to penalization or reduction of further scope.

Following subcontractor evaluation procedure may be used for Annual or Quarter based comparison. The check list covers several aspects of services such as Project Management, Response Time, Quality of Services, Proficiency, Tools, Policy and Procedure compliance. If you would like to get Microsoft Excel version with following features, please drop me an email at

1- Allocated Space for Your company Logo
2- Drop down Menu for each evaluation criteria
3- Ready to Print (Margins set-up completed)

# Criteria Description
1 Project Management Capabilities The PM understands JT-Innovation Inc. projects requirements and produces accurate plans considering scope, time and cost of the project? Ensures overall customer satisfaction for the assigned tasks/projects?
2 Response Time The PM/Team Lead responds back on time for the emails sent or tasks assigned? [Responding does not necessarily means the work is completed, some times only acknowledging/updating is required by the customer that task is being done]
3 Technical Expertise The staff is technical enough to perform the duties effectively?
4 Warehouse Management The warehouse staff/PM provides precised, accurate and error free reports. Hardware is not lost during the tenure of Project?
5 Database Accuracy Effective database management is in place? Error Free and up-to-date Databases are shared on daily basis? [A database management is not effective if the sub-con is unable to share it on daily basis]
6 Response to Urgency Understands [your company name] urgent requests and goes out of the way and beyond expectations to resolve the emergency needs or urgent issues?
7 Compliance with Policies Understands JT-Innovation Inc. polices and procedures and adheres to?
8 Accuracy of Work Completes the End-to-End task in line with required Scope of Work?
9 Quality of Work Follows JT-Innovation Inc.Your company name] Quality standards, Acceptance criteria and does not result Major violations, critical snags?
10 Availability of Teams Ensures adequate number of staff to carry out the assigned activities?
11 Supervision and Follow up Requires minimum super-vision or follow up of low level tasks once the project is assigned?
12 Tools and Equipment Right Tools (software/hardware) are available with all team members to carry out their job?
13 Continuous Improvement over the time, has improved in its policies, work procedures, performance effectiveness? Believes in continuous improvement and portrays the same?
14 Competitive Costs Offers competitive costs for the Products and Services?
15 Spares availability Possesses minor quantities of spares/materials to avoid slippage of urgent activities?

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