There's good reason why black pepper is considered the 'king of spices'. With its aromatic appeal, a culinary selection and a large variety of medicinal advantages, black pepper has gained a place of honor in any kitchen or spice rack, and even in the medicine cabinet.

Since ancient times, pepper appeared in many medicinal arts, for its ability to calm stomach ache, reduce liver problems, lung diseases and digestion problems, as well as improve blood flow, acting as an anti-depressant and reduce the risk of Colorectal Cancer. 
My granny taught me a few great uses for this spice, and now I'll share a few with you. 
1. To keep your cholesterol low - Add a 1/4 spoon of black pepper to a glass of buttermilk. Mix in some finely cut onion and drink.

2. Dealing with cold feet - Put black pepper grains, a few pieces of garlic and mustard grains in a cloth bag and hang around your neck.

3. To lose weight - Add a 1/4 spoon of ground black pepper to a glass of water and add 2 spoons of lemon juice and a spoon of honey. Mix well and drink daily.

4. To reduce fever - Take 7-8 leaves of basil and 3-4 grains of black pepper and chew them together.
5. To treat a cold - Make some tea and add 2-3 grains of ground black pepper, a piece of ginger and basil leaves.
6. To relieve a dry cough - Grind 5-6 seeds of black pepper and mix with natural honey. Swallow a spoon of this mix daily until relief is achieved. 

7. To relieve asthma attacks - Boil 8-10 grains of pepper, add 2 clove buds and 10-15 basil leaves to the water. Let the brew sit for about 15 minutes, strain it and add 2 spoons of honey. Tip: Drink with milk!

8. Treating a sore throat - Squeeze some lemon juice, add a bit of salt and ground black pepper - and gurgle.

9. To treat a chronic cold - Consume ground black pepper with some dates.

10. To open a blocked up nose - Mix equal amounts of black pepper, cinnamon, Cumin and cardamom seeds. Grind to a thin powder and smell or inhale the mixture. This will cause healthy sneezing and will open the nose ducts.

11. To relieve any kind of cough - Grind some black pepper and add sugar. Consume the mix with clarified butter.

12. To ease a heavy cough - add 2-3 grains of black pepper to a glass of boiling hot milk, wait for it to cool a bit and then drink.

13. Treating toothache - Mix ground black pepper with clove oil. Smear the ointment on the afflicted area. 

14. To treat indigestion - Mix some black pepper with ginger juice and sip after every meal.

15. Relieve nausea - Mix black pepper and water in a glass, add some fresh lemon juice, mix and drink slowly.

16. Treating skin conditions - Prepare an ointment from ground black pepper and refined butter. Apply to skin conditions such as allergy rash, Eczema and scabies.

17. To fight baldness - Make a thick mix from black pepper and lemon seeds. Apply it daily to the balding areas about 10 minutes before showering. The solution should help revitalize hair growth.

18. To deal with hemorrhoids - Grind and mix 20 grams of black pepper, 10 grams of cumin and 15 grams of sugar. Mix in water and drink morning and evening, each day.

19. To stop bleeding - Cover the bleeding wound with
 ground black pepper. Bandage with a paper towel and tighten with cello-tape. Wait 10 minutes and the bleeding will stop.

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