​​The Best learning Courses for WOMEN

  1. The Difficult Art of How to Keep Quiet!
  2. Banking - Most difficult lesson to learn ... How to Deposit Money - entire procedure!
  3. Space Management - How to Keep some space for husband's things in the bedroom cupboard!
  4. Communication Skill full course - From smile to tears!
  5. Communication advance course - Things what you want... get it quietly..
  6. Driving Skill... How to park car in reverse gear!
  7. ​Te​
    phone Skill... The art of to be brief!
  8. 8 Footwear skill... Wear sandals what you buy!
  9. 9 Oil and Petrol Basics... Car needs these two things!
  10. 10 Self Control...How not to feel  Bad!

​​The Best learning Courses for MEN

  1. How to keep Ice in the Ice tray and keep back in the fridge... step by step method!
  2. Round Table Discussion... Toilet paper do not grow on Tree!
  3. Live Demonstration... Difference between laundry basket and Floor!
  4. Full Methodical Training ... Do not try to convert house up side down when you are looking for important paper, look at the right place!
  5. Health Watch Discussion... To bring Flowers for the wife is not injurious to your health!
  6. Driving Lesson...How to ask someone to find right address!
  7. Driving Lesson 2...When someone is parking a car... how to control your tongue!
  8. Comparative Study...The difference between Wife and Mother!
  9. Self Control and Anger Management... How to control yourself  When you go out for the shopping with your wife!
  10. Brain Exercise... How not to forget birthdays and anniversaries!

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