Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.
Different experiences from our pasts help to create the thoughts that dominate our minds in the present and being able to look into the past will help you to figure out the type of future you need to fight for.

Memories are beautiful sometimes, and on the flip-side, sometimes memories can be nightmares. Nonetheless, these vivid past experiences are always an important tool for us to use in our every day lives. It is because of the things that you experienced in your past that you are exactly who you are today.

And it is with these experiences that we are able to learn from the wisdom they have given us, to continue writing the next chapters in our lives.

Live your life each day: be aware, be active, and plan for the future. But always remember that you will never forget your greatest memories. So don't try to! Cherish them for their real value, and try not to live in your mistakes.

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