"Don't you ever get tired of giving all the time?", a friend
asked me recently. My honest answer was, "no, not really."

I tried to explain that while I may get a selfish thought every now and then telling me not to give I don't listen to it. I don't listen not because it is my duty to give or because I am into making sacrifices. I don't listen because I know that by giving to others I am also doing the best possible thing for me.
Giving is a very rewarding thing. The truth is the more you give the more you have. The Holly Book says that at many places and it is ordained by our Prophet and religion. I've practically found this to be true in all things. 

The more money I give to help others the more money seems to flow into my life. The more energy I spend doing good for those around me the more energy I seem to have. The more joy and love I share with other people the more joy and love I feel overflowing from my heart and soul.Giving to others activates all the good and positive forces in your life.

When you share your joy and love, your energy and vitality, and your time and money with other people you don't lose anything. In fact, sharing creates even more joy and love within you. In addition to this people begin to share their own joy and love with you. Now you have many times more than you started with.
Also the more you share your blessings with others the more blessings God showers on you. The more you give the more you receive in energy, vitality, goodness, wealth, friends,opportunities, peace, happiness, joy , and love.

Never get tired of giving then.Try it out and find it yourself if you have not already. The more you give, the more you will receive and the more you receive the more you will have to give.
What a wonderful and glorious way to live

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