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Are You Sorry?

​ Don't be sorry for being yourself. Don't be sorry you're not sorry. ​ Don't be sorry for: ​ ​ 1. Your be...

Don't be sorry for being yourself.
Don't be sorry you're not sorry.

Don't be sorry for:

1. Your beliefs and for being passionate about it.
We're all created with unique minds.

Just because your beliefs are different from

the people around you doesn't mean

you should be sorry for it.

2. Your looks.
You are beautiful and no one can argue

because you were fearfully and wonderfully made

 3. Speaking the truth.

When you speak the truth, expect to be hated.

 People hate people who make them realize

they're wrong. Most people hide behind pretense

and lying because the truth makes them uncomfortable.

Don't be sorry if you're too honest for some people.

They don't hate you. They hate the truth

because they can't handle it.

 4. Your relationship status.

For as long as you're not wrecking lives or

 destroying relationships, you're not offending

 anyone, you're not wasting someone's time, you're

not causing harm to yourself or to another person,

 don't be sorry.

 5. Sleeping in or taking a break.
If you've been working like crazy,

if you have always given your best, you

DESERVE to have a break.

Don't be sorry for not being productive for

 a day or two. Or they'll be sorry if you

 break down and burn out.

6. Setting a standard.

 Don't be sorry for demanding what is right for you.

You also need to choose the people you surround

yourself with. After all, you become the average of

the five people you spend most of your time with.

What kind of person do you want to become?

7. Making wrong choices in the past.

No one saw it coming.

Okay, maybe you saw it coming but you ignored

the signs. Go ahead and feel sorry for yourself...

but don't wallow in it. Don't make it your permanent

residence. Most of all, don't make your wrong

choices define you, and shape your future.

8. Asking for help or questions.
You can't do everything yourself.

Don't be sorry for asking questions. Better

admit you don't know something than pretend to

 be a genius and embarrass yourself in the long run.

9. Your quirks.
So what if you still read fairy tales or young

 adult fiction before going to bed even when

you're too old for it?

So what if you dress like a lady, but love heavy metal music?

So what if you're the odd one out?

10. Your big dreams and/or achievements.
Don't let people who lack imagination

look down on your creative plans.

Don't let small minds convince you that your

dreams are too big. You only scare those who

are weaker than you are.

11. Cheating on your diet.

Unless you're putting your health at risk,

go ahead and eat to your heart's content.

You don't have to eat less, just eat right.

12. For walking out of a relationship.

Maybe you stopped being friends because they

 seem to be holding you back. Or you feel like you're

 going in different directions after you came to a

certain point. Maybe you made the right choice by

 walking out of it. Don't be sorry you did.

13. For saying 'No'.
If you're not comfortable with the idea,

if you think it's too much for you, if you don't

feel like doing it for no selfish reason---don't do it.

It's okay to say 'no'. Don't be guilty for

 turning an invitation down.

We should be sorry if we've done something

 wrong or if we've hurt other people's feelings.

 We should not be sorry for ALL the decisions we make.

Over apologising makes it easier for people

to treat you like a doormat. Over apologizing

 invites abusive people to come into your life.

 Over apologizing will not correct anything. 

 Don't be sorry for being yourself.

Don't be sorry you're not sorry.

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