These are probably the coolest engineering GIFs you'll ever come across

  • Alan Adamu
    the use of Automation or Automatic Control has truly revolutionized manufacturing processes. The benefits include control systems for machine operations, switching in telephone networks, steering of ships, speed control of moving vehicles, and many more applications. Some of the main benefits of using automation in manufacturing processes are the fact that they dramatically reduces labor costs, save time and energy, and also improve the quality, accuracy and precision in the manufacturing process.
    In appreciation of automated manufacturing processes, we present to you a number of engineering GIFs that we believe will truly caress the engineer in you.
    1. Pancake Flipper.

    2. Paper Slicer

    3. Top Refiner.

    4. Spring Squeezer

    5. Chain Linker.

    6. Pretzel Twister

    7. Pop-Tart Folder.

    8. Happy Slappy Dough Slicer.

    9. Machine Destroyer.

    10. The robot that writes.

    11. Rubik's Cube Solver.

    12. Pasta Maker.

    13. Teamwork with Robots.

    14. The machine that makes paper airplanes and flies them.

    15. Hypnotic Highlighter Test.

    16. Coring, Peeling and Slicing an apple. All with one machine.

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