What is Piko-Piko?
Piko Piko is an ancient breathing style used for centering and focus. It is described in my new book, The Adventurer's Quest.
It literally means "center to center". In Huna healing there are many energy centers, or piko points. The two most powerful are the navel and the crown of the head. The navel represents you physical source and lifeline while the crown symbolizes your connection with the aumakua, or spiritual realm.
You may perform the breathing pattern seated or standing. The process is as follows:
  1. Get in a relaxed position
  2. Put one hand on the crown of your head, and the other on your navel. You can use either hand for the positions.
  3. Begin your deep breathing. Inhale while focusing on the crown of your head and exhale with attention on your navel. The hands will help you focus.
  4. Continue until you feel energized. This could be anywhere from two-ten minutes.
  5. You are now ready to ask questions of your spirit or make a prayer for manifestations in your life.
  6. Close by thanking and blessing your spiritual source.
There are many, many variations of piko-piko, but this is the basic form. You will find it performed in different ways on audio tape and video selections from our Huna By Mail catalog. It can be found on this site in the Huna for the Home section.

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