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Celebrating Employee Loyalty

​ From an Event Organization Company: Leasa Mayer What better way to celebrate tenure than to throw a party? We g...

From an Event Organization Company:

What better way to celebrate tenure than to throw a party? We get to do that each year for our own employees who have contributed five+ years of knowledge, hard work and expertise. Our longest tenured employee has been here for 26 years…but who's counting? We are so appreciative of all our employees' contributions to our business and to our clients. And because we know that employee loyalty and tenure equals greater customer service and insight on ways to continually improve processes, we were honored to help create an event that recognizes our clients' employees' loyalty.
The result is STAR Awards, which stands for Service Tenure Achievement Recognition and is an employee recognition event celebrating our clients' employees who have reached 20, 25 and 30 years of service at the company. As a business owner, my employees continue to amaze me when it comes to innovation, technology and service. I literally learn something every day from our team. And just like all the many good ideas at CRG Events, STAR Awards was created through a collaborative employee effort. This year as I had the opportunity to enjoy the event I thought about how important employee loyalty is to an organization. You may have heard the old adage that "people do business with people not with business" and that is so true.
When it comes to owning a business the P&L's, today's results and next year's projections are all very important – but without celebrating your people they are all a moot point. People and their ideas are what make businesses successful. We'd like to hear from you! What employee and client incentive programs does your organization provide? Are there programs that you think bring the greatest return on investment? Let us know!
Celebrating Employee Loyalty