Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) is basically a lifestyle malfunction and can definitely be prevented. You might have acid reflux problem if you get heartburn at the night and wake up the next morning with chr
onic cough, bitterness in the mouth, sore throat and fatigue. This usually happens because of what we eat and drink. So prevention and cure also depend on what goes inside us.
10 things to keep in mind when you have acid reflux problem:
1. Limit your intake of acidic foods: This would include tomatoes, vinegar, oranges, grapefruit, etc.
2. Say no to spicy food: Lower the amount of your consumption of spicy foods. These tend to give heartburns.
3. Don't head to bed post meal: After you have had your meal, avoid lying down. Digestion is quicker and better when you are sitting upright
4. Avoid greasy food: Non-fatty food and lean meat are good to go.
5. Have lesser sour foods: Cut down your excessive consumption of mustard, mint, citrus, vinegar, chocolates, pepper, and tomatoes.
6. Avoid carbonated drinks and alcohol: They tend to trigger reflux.
7. Avoid smoking.
8. Avoid tight clothing: Don't wear snug or tight clothes, go to bed wearing comfortable clothes.
9. Stick to gluten-free diet: A protein that is found in barley, rye, wheat etc might also trigger the symptoms of GERD.
10. Get professional help: Consult a doctor and then take action accordingly. If you are on medication, get yourself checked from time to time. Do not stop taking the medicine that has been prescribed by your doctor, suddenly.​

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