Picture is enough to tell a big story of this materialistic world.
All are not lucky like us. Give value to that what you have got in life.
There are lots of kids around us who are struggling to meet their basic needs of life. We really want do something for them but if we think about the statistics we come to know that such children can be counted in thousands. Hope we will find them and try to give our helping hands.
It is in the psyche of an ordinary 
to get emotionally disturbed by such visuals. We feel sad and then forget it after reaching the next post
​ on facebook or next moving on to next website​
. But the bottom line is that we are al

​people to do anything concrete for them. Isnt it right that our consciences are dead that we dont care about such causes PROPERLY!

At least we can contribute a small amount to such people and families. But will this small amount sustain them for two days? Dont they deserve more attention from us?
If anyone can bring about any true change,then it is the Parliament which is the collective conscience of the Nation.

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