Audi announced at CES 2016 a system for cars that should help the driver monitor their health while driving. Dubbed "Audi Fit Driver", the program will be able to connect to smart wearables (such as fitness bracelets) so that information such as heart rate and body temperature can be displayed on the car panel.
Based on both the biometric parameters taken from the gadgets and the ones collected through the car's own sensors, the system will then carry out an analysis and "supplement this data with information on driving style, breathing rate, and relevant environmental data such as weather or traffic conditions." The system takes into account the weather and traffic conditions so that, for example, the temperature of the air conditioning can be adjusted optimally.
In addition, videos on breathing exercises "specially designed for the driver" will be displayed by the Audio Fit Driver when it detects certain agitation levels. They also recommend rest breaks, alerting the driver the nearest rest area. According to Audi, "in a later project phase, Audi Fit Driver will incorporate driver assistance and safety systems, as well as future piloted driving functions. In extreme situations, the car can execute a piloted emergency stop and place an emergency call via the eCall system."

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