Working Towards Sustainability Environmental concerns are growing by the number, and it’s up to us collectively to look for ways to counter the current issues. However, in a study published by The Guardian, 2016 is said to be the year consumers stop caring about sustainability. With the drop in the price of oil, demand for crude becomes higher; making it difficult to stick to whatever sustainable plans governments have in mind. In fact, engineering and construction companies that offer support to fossil fuel firms continue to extract oil, showing no signs of slowing down. Although, despite the high demand for electronic items and oil-based machines, working towards becoming sustainable amidst these global fiascos should be of paramount importance. 

 So, let this post show you some effective ways on how you can help enhance sustainability around you to improve the environment.  

Stay self-sufficient We aren’t asking you to cut yourself off from the rest of humanity in a shed in the middle of a forest. Instead, you should take small steps that can eliminate environmental issues as well as save plenty of money by opting for self-sufficient activities and items. Grow a garden where you can produce fruit and vegetables. Consider switching to renewable energy like utilising solar panels. Avoid disposable grocery bags and carry your own reusable bags. These small steps can go a long way in help save the environment.  

Make conscious buys When going out for groceries or buying items for the house, buy sensibly. Always consider how your daily purchases could affect the environment. Most eco-friendly items have the following criteria: • Less packaging • Locally produced and supplied • Small in size There are many people who engage in impulse buying. People tend to think that material possessions can lead to happiness. However, impulse buying also leads to environmental issues, so be a smart buyer and avoid over purchasing on things you really don’t need.  

Rethink your waste Have you heard of that saying that ‘your trash can be someone else’s treasure?’ Living a sustainable life means knowing the ins and outs of recycling by heart. The best way to help the environment is pass on the things you don’t use to people who need them. Electronic waste is among the biggest issues governments are trying to counter. So, if you need to get rid of an old device, ask your network provider if they offer recycling programs where you can get great discounts when you buy a new device. It can be a win-win situation for both parties. Sustainability provides unparalleled personal satisfaction and accomplishments that help build a positive and healthy attitude. 

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Photo Credit: Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources via Compfight cc

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