Ammachi's Unconditional Love

Have you ever felt a lack of love in the world? Indian Lady​ Ammachi, also known as "the hugging saint," looked at the world as a young girl and decided humanity's suffering was caused by that lack of love. She resolved to become part of the solution by living a life that caused no pain and brought only happiness. Her uniquely selfless example

can help you find a way to benefit not only your fellow man, but also yourself.

Happiness, says Ammachi, comes from serving the world without expecting anything in return. For 30 years, she has offered thousands of people her loving embrace, her advice and her service. Her boundless compassion has given rise to a network of medical, educational and social charities around the world that emphasize helping the less fortunate learn to help themselves and, above all, sharing your bounty.

She makes a yearly tour throughout the world,visiting
charity centers where she leads devotees in prayers and meditation, receiving each one with love and affection. On her visits, she has been known to embrace over 18,000 people in a single day, not pausing until the last person had been greeted.

If you want to step onto Ammachi's path of devoted service, she recommends one hour of devotion to others each day, simple living and meditation.

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