When we think of Google, we usually think of the Internet search engine and their most popular products, such as Android and even YouTube. However, there are many other services developed by Google available on the Internet today with various functions such as search engines focused on old books, scholarly articles and organization apps. We selected some of our favorites for you.

Google Keep

With versions available for desktop and mobile, Google Keep is ideal for people who need to organize a busy routine or for those who, like me, make lists for everything. With a colorful and intuitive interface resembling post-it's, Google Keep lets you create notes or lists of tasks to do and even set reminders and warnings provided in the app commitments, put photos and check what has already been done.

Google Scholar

This Google tool allows anyone to make specific searches of scholarly articles in various subjects. A very powerful search tool for students and teachers, Google Scholar is available many languages, and even offers translated versions.


The Gmail application allows the users of other e-mail platforms such as Yahoo, and Outlook to link them to their Gmail account so that all of their emails could be accessed from a single screen. Thus, all the typical Gmail features such as inbox organizing filters become accessible to other services. The idea is to simply "Gmailify" all their e-mail accounts.

Google Lego

On the website Build With Chrome, users can build whatever their imagination will allow with Lego blocks in a Minecraft-like interface. The website is free and, although it was created by a partnership between Google Australia and Lego, it can be accessed and used by people around the world to build new creations, or explore the projects of other users.

Google Sky

The interface is far from attractive, but the quality of the content in Google Sky is quite impressive. Built from a partnership with NASA using photographs generated by the Hubble telescope, Google Sky can be understood as a kind of planetarium you can run in the browser of your computer.

Google Mars

Google Mars allows anyone interested in the Red Planet to explore its topography and virtually "visit" the Martian surface. The service was set up using pictures generated by satellites orbiting Mars and shows that anyone can feel a bit like an astronaut and unravel the landscapes of the neighboring planet.

Google Developers

Google Developers works as a community to unite developers worldwide. In it you can find tutorials, courses and groups to put together professionals interested the same area to share ideas and information about projects. For starters, Developers is a good research tool before creating a new app or website.
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