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5 Things You Are Doing To Damage Your Hair

​ Your hair could be your best asset, so why not manage them the right way. As we age our hair gets thin, rough and dull, and we are ...

Your hair could be your best asset, so why not manage them the right way. As we age our hair gets thin, rough and dull, and we are unsure what's causing the damage? Well, you can blame yourself for the damaged hair because there are certain things you are doing unknowingly to your hair.

Before we reveal the common mistakes that you are repeatedly doing it is important to know a few things about your hair. Dr. Paradi Mirmirani at Permanente Medical Group in Vallejo compares your hair fiber with wool. Your hair can be divided into 3 parts. The center most part is the medulla, surrounded by the cortex and the outermost protective layer is the cuticle.

Your hair can grow up to a quarter of an inch every month for 6 years and then fall naturally. The lifespan of the hair becomes very short, usually because of over styling, perming and dying.

So here we have the 5 common mistakes that you are doing that not only make you lose the luster of your hair but also its number.

Highlights, Coloring and Bleaching
Highlights and coloring have a very damaging effect on your hair as they can change the inner structure of the hair fiber. But worst of all is bleaching as it makes your hair lose its natural pigment and weakens it, making it more susceptible to damage. Moreover, it is the number 1 cause of split ends and hair breakage.

What you can do is, avoid unnecessary dying or go for natural dyes such as henna. Henna doesn't only dye your hair but also works as a conditioner.

Over Shampooing
You might be overdoing the shampoo. Too much shampooing makes your hair lose its natural moisture as a result your hair becomes dull and dry and you end up with damaged cuticle. Your aim should be to remove the excess oil and cleanse your scalp, so avoid frequent washing.

Now this is what you need to do. If your hair is becoming dull, it's a sign that you are shampooing more frequently than required. Keep a check on the oil buildup; when you feel that your hair is becoming too much oily, it is time for you to shampoo. Also choose mild shampoos with lesser amount of chemicals or go for herbal shampoos with natural ingredients.

Do not forget to use a conditioner after shampoo as it provides you with moisture that you lose while washing your hair. Apply more on the tips than on roots.

Blow Drying
Heat can temporarily change the hydrogen bonds that are holding our hair together, causing the hair to become rough. The more frequently you give heat to your hair the more permanent damages it will cause.

You can use a diffuser or a nozzle whenever you use a hair dryer and try to keep it away from your hair i.e. at least 5 inches away.

Also keep in mind to dry out your hair completely before you use a hot iron and other heating tools. Using hot iron on wet hair can damage the cuticles and make your hair brittle.

Braids and Ponytails
They might look nice on you but keeping your hair pulled tightly all the time can cause breakage. Wearing the same hairstyle can cause permanent damage to the hair. Avoid tying up wet hair as it is more prone to breakage. Tight ponytails can also cause alopecia.

That's not all, also avoid over-brushing as too much friction causes breakage and split ends. When choosing a hair brush, select a good quality, nylon bristle brush.

Perms and Extensions
Just like dying and bleaching, chemical straightening and curling can work havoc on your hair. The chemicals in the perming lotions break the hydrogen bonds and make the hair dull and brittle.

Hair extensions might look nice, but they can cause damage to the roots of the hair as a result you start losing hair.

You should avoid perming and extension and try to stay satisfied with the current look of your hair. Your focus should be more on the health and shine of your hair.
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