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HEALTH: 10 Health Benefits We Get From Sweating

Wonders of our body functioning created by God revealed with respect to Sweating function in this message. ​ ​ Let us thank God for th...

Wonders of our body functioning created by God revealed with respect to Sweating function in this message.
​ ​
Let us thank God for this too.

10 Health Benefits We Get From Sweating

Sweat is our own, free-of-charge air conditioning unit, built inside our skin. It cools down the body so we don't over-work ourselves and get heat stroke. It keeps us in balance. But what else does it do, and why is it so recommended to 'work up a sweat'? Well, it may have to do with the following 10 reasons:

1. Did you know that sweat glands help heal wounds?

In recent years, many studies have focused on the rarely researched sweat galnands, especially the eccrine sweat glands. These can be found in the millions, embedded in our skin. University of Micigan researchers discovered that these glands host a significant reservoir of adult stem cells, which are used to close wounds. By studying the processes of how wounds close utilizing this material, scientists hope to unlock the potential for making healing drugs.

2. Getting rid of toxins
Experts say that we mainly sweat excess salt, cholesterol and alcohol. This means that sweating "de-bloats" us, cleaned our clogged arteries and helps us get rid of a hangover. So next time you sweat, think about the bad materials your body is getting rid of.

3. Keeping that pain away
When we exercise, we don't only produce endorphins, we also get pain relief. If you have a sore neck or a pain that won't go away, exercise can stimulate neurochemical pathways in our brain that produces endorphins and acts as a natural painkiller. Having chronic pain is one of the worst things to bear, but regular exercise (if allowed) is a great way to keep that pain at bay.

4. Preventing those incredibly painful kidney stones
Kidney stones have been described as extremely painful (with some comparing it tochild birth without the happy outcome) and happen when we intake too much salt and don't 'flush' our system often enough. Studies have shown, though, that working up a sweat on a regular basis coupled with lots of drinking will flush your kidneys and your system well enough to avoid the production of kidney stones, as well as flushing more toxins out of your body.

5. It's great for a good looking skin that doesn't break in zits and stains
When we sweat, the pores in our skin open wide and release a lot of the grime and dirt that have been trapped there. Of course, if we just leave it there nothing will get cleaner. So if you are sweating, make sure to thoroughly clean your face at least 3 times a day, so all that dirt gets washed away instead of staying on your face.

6. Elevates the mood
You may have noticed that super good feeling you get after you work up a sweat by exercise. It's not just in your head and it's not just the exercise. When our body gets warm enough to sweat it triggers certain temperature-sensitive neurons in our brain that play a significant part in controlling our moods. So working the body up to those temperatures while also getting a good workout is a great way to make ourselves feel better, more self confident and in a terrific mood.

7. Releasing clenched muscles
Sweating warm up the muscles of the body with humidity and heat, this action helps us release those tired and sore muscles by elevating the stress and fatigue they are under.

8. In addition to natural toxins, sweating also gets rid of artificial ones
Pesticides, herbicides and heavy metals are in great use all around us, and we often don't know how exposed to these materials we really are. Sweating is one way by which we can rid our body from the artificial poisons we may be exposed to.

9. Preventing colds and infection
Do you like using sanitizer? Did you know your body makes one? A study at the University of Tubingen in Germany suggests that human sweat contains a antimicrobial agent that has been shown to fight against tuberculosis germs and other pathogens that may threaten us.

10. And of course - regulating our temperature, but also for the long term

Sweating helps our body recognize our need for keeping temperature even. The body adjusts to the conditions around it. So the more we sweat, the better the body will learn when and how much to secret sweat and how best to cool (or warm) itself. Not only for that moment of exercise, but ultimately - all the time.
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