Procrastination means the inability to do a thing and postponing it. It indicates the chronic fear to face a problem. When one is afraid, one automatically postpones. Postponement and self deception that the work will be done sometime after, but not at the moment, or by someone else, becomes hormonal--the automatic reflex. The work however small or trivial it may be, begins terrorizing. And one becomes one's own accuser and also excuse finder---

e is the excuse habit and automatic postponement. Work and decision go together.
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The person always jumps with a promise, first to second any move, but only to automatically frustrate and actually obstruct the implementation. He obstructs everyone else, creating an atmosphere of failure and frustration. The social frustration which he creates becomes his alibi (our society is like this, what one person can do?). He piles up failures and also scholarship.

Unfortunately when he climbs up the social ladder by creating general dissatisfaction and a general sense of failure, he confronts the need to actually do work, something to which his hormones are not accustomed. He becomes the leader under seize. To appear to be doing something, he automatically attempts a big reorganization.

Work needs doers, not orators. Doers are always calm, they cannot postpone and concentration is their basic habit. They create the nation of doers and their work speaks for them.Now, what are we, a nation of doers or just orators? Orators need problems, frustrations—their bread and butter.

Courage simply means doing the work. Cowardice Procrastination, indecision and cowardice go together. Ultimately the habit of procrastination leads to the habit of sabotage. The people live with problems, never attempt to face and solve them. They begin day dreaming for a deliverer—the dictator.

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