Today I received an email from someone which was nicely written and the email address was appearing as government department email address. The logo of income tax department is also there. The mail states that I am qualified for a refund of Rs. 25882.19. It further states that in order to receive the refund submit the refund request in the below link. 

Once you press the link, it asks for which bank you have account. One you select the bank, it takes you to the bank site and you are to submit your user id and password. I got a doubt first the refund is never in paise.

Moreover, income tax department has all the account details including my mobile, passport, home address etc.

I went to the official site to check if there is any refund and the site says nil.
Sixth sense prevented me from submitting the user I'd and password. Else I would have been cheated through online fraud. 

Never click on a link sent to you in your email which is related to bank. Always visit your bank's website and perform your transaction there. Similarly never click on a link to visit your email account service provider to log-in. Always go to website by typing the address and then log-in. Stay Safe

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