pokemon goPokemon Go can be a dangerous game. People have been hit by cars trying to catch Pokemon, others are trespassing on people’s property and more.This game is having all kinds of unintended consequences.
Well, now some players have been shot at. A Florida man opened fire on two teenage Pokemon Go players early on Saturday morning. He believed that they were burglars looking for a house to rob.

No one was hurt in this incident, but it just goes to show how this popular game is bringing some people misery. The 37-year old shooter was spooked by the presence of a strange car in the neighborhood and seeing two teenagers out and about on his street at 1:30 AM. He thought they were burglars because one of the teens said to the other “Did you get anything?”

They were talking catching Pokemon and not about robbing a house. But he didn’t know that. The man stepped in front of their car, took out his weapon and ordered them to not move. The teens sped off in the car, only to have the man fire at it since he believed the teens had tried to run him over with the car.
The teens only told their mother about the incident after she noticed a flat tire and bullet holes. You have to be careful at night when looking for Pokemon.
Source Ubergizmo

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